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Some 105 residents on the Grenadine island of Canouan got an opportunity recently, to examine the proposed plans for the development of the Charles Bay area.

This was at a consultation on Aug. 27 at the Canouan Primary School. In attendance were the Head of the Grenadines Directorate, Edwin Snagg, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security Godfred Pompey, and Elena Korach, Chief Operating Officer of CRD Holding.

Korach presented the proposed plans for the development of the area, including plans for the construction of a ring road, the relocation of the market and the library, a recreation centre for the elderly, the provision of water fountains, and the construction of a commercial jetty and a community wharf.

The entire exercise is expected to cost some EC$30 million dollars over a period of two years.

During the discussion after the presentation, the residents generally accepted the proposed plans, but made some suggestions in relation to some possible changes to individual aspects of the plan.

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Snagg has said that he was pleased with the level of discussion during the consultation.

“We heard a number of views being expressed by the residents, and this is always good for the process of social development,” Snagg added.

Korach commented that “It is vital and important that we keep the residents in the loop in relation to any development work on the island”.

A third and final consultation is slated towards the end of the year, before the start of the actual construction work.