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Lawyer and senator for the ruling Unity Labour Party, Jomo Thomas is representing the Teachers' Union in the cases against the government. (IWN file photo)
Lawyer and senator for the ruling Unity Labour Party, Jomo Thomas is representing the Teachers’ Union in the cases against the government. (IWN file photo)
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The man who shocked some when he was announced as a senator for the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP), says the administration has outperformed all its predecessors.

Sen. Jomo Thomas, in his maiden address to parliament on Thursday, said St. Vincent and the Grenadines requires minds that are very committed to its development.

He said he saw such minds in the House of Assembly.

“We may differ in terms of our approaches but I have never questioned the commitment of those persons who have come before,” said Thomas, a lawyer, political activist and commentator.

“I’ve got to say that when I look around in St. Vincent and he Grenadines, and I have decisions to make as to where the country would go and how the country should go, in my mind, I truly believe that the administration of Dr. the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves has done more than any other administration in the history of this country in terms of putting things together to help the vast majority of the poor and ordinary people of this country,” Thomas said to applause.

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“We can look around for an array of areas. We can think of healthcare and some of the work that was done there, we can think of housing and some of the work that was done there, then the flagship of it all is the kind of advancement that has been made in education,” he further stated.

Thomas has an undergraduate degree in journalism and political science, a law degree, and a master’s degree in international affairs and political economy from universities in the United States.

He said that after he had acquires some O’level passes in St. Vincent, someone wanted to know if he was interested in taking up a position in Jamaica to do communications.

“But I didn’t have the money then,” he said.

“Just imagine if a government with the commitment to education as this government had been in power. It would have meant by the early 20s I would have had a degree.”

Thomas, who is 55 years old, said he never got a first degree until he was almost 30.

Thomas, who has openly criticised both the ULP and the opposition New Democratic Party, noted that one would not agree with every government on every question.

“But I believe, when we do a panoramic view, we have to conclude — at least I have concluded — that this Unity Labour Party government, of which Dr. the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves is the leader, has done more than any to advance St. Vincent. And I ground my senatorship here this morning in that knowledge, in that understanding,” Thomas told Parliament.

He said he was ready, willing and very able to carry on “the work that we do here in this country”.

On Thursday, Thomas was also elected Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, a position that he said is “vitally important” for the upkeep of the nation’s democracy.

“And I believe that the person who has the mantle when this Parliament is meeting, that person should exercise the authority in a way that is beyond reproach.

“And I want to pledge and to guarantee that if I am given the chance to sit in the Speaker’s chair, that both side of this parliamentary divide would have residing in me a person who would properly and carefully analyse the issues placed before us and come away making decisions that would be pleasing to all the members of this House,” he said.

9 replies on “ULP has done more for SVG than any other gov’t, says Jomo Thomas”

  1. ULP has done what? for what? Is this some kind of joke? Tell me one good thing that the Gonsalves ULP has done to provide more jobs to Vincentians in SVG. What is Jomo smoking, that must be the best weed from the hunter vagabons up in the hills. All the ULP talk about is social programs that do nothing but saddle the next generation with debt. Low Income homes (debt), Social Assistance (debt), the student scholarships that only ULP children get are good but again, we have to beg for them.

    Our Airport Killing us to complete, every major industry gone. Unemployment are at the highest in the countries history in the last 15 years. Jomo or anyone for that matter, if you can tell me a few of these great things that the ULP has done for SVG ( and Do not bring social programs into this as this is a serious debate), then I will rest my case. BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU, THE MICHELLE NDP DID A WAY BETTER JOB THAT THIS NONSENSE Hahahaahah

  2. Urlan Alexander says:

    So I guess all the things you were saying is so wrong with the government was a bunch of crap then? you called for the PM resignation among other things now you are paying tributes rather glowingly to the ULP. This crap about who did more as a government is too over played. Jomo of all persons should know that in small developing states such as ours, with a colonial past, measuring a government achievements is difficult. For example, the praises you gave ULP for education would not have been possible if the infrastructures were not put in place by previous governments . After all you are a ‘progressive’. So think that way rather spewing diatribes.

  3. Lets see if SANGA can live up to his promises, lets see if he can stop Gonsalves from calling people nasty names, nasty gestures, nasty insinuations, the flow of lies, lets see how soon the results start to come.

    One of the problems as I see it, rightfully or wrongly, Marxism teaches that its perfectly OK to tell lies to further the political aspirations of Marxism. So are we going to look forward to yet another liar in parliament, I for one am waiting for the first encounter between the Marxist Titans, because at least one of them claims to practice 21st Century Socialism. Same thing only more underhanded, more cloaked in pretence and crap.

    Peter Binose
    Self appointed keeper of the whistle.

  4. My one question remains the same: How is it this progress we always hearing about is never quantifiable?
    By how much as we so better as a measurable percentage relative to investment compared to the last 15-30 years?
    What is the relative increases in Common Entrance passes, CXC passes, life expectancy, birth rate, government and private sector employment, immigration, crime, GPD, Debt?

    Blanket statements without supporting data are useless. Suppose to be an Education Revolution but we starving of useful information, filled with ignorance.

  5. Jomo as the ACTIVIST had a right to his opinion and so does Jomo the SENATOR. Therefore in opposing Senator Jomo’s opinion, can you prove him wrong by stating the accomplishments of the Government in your opinion that have done more than the ULP Government? In other words; substantiate your argument. We the readers will like to get a balance view.

  6. I agree..the facts are so clear. Under the ULP the poor people of SVG got a fair shot at being educated and lifting themselves out of dependence. Unfortunately, many have never accepted the opportunity, and is still blaming the system for their current woes. I’ve said this before, it was the primary mandate of Dr .Gonsalves from the start of his administration, which he has achieved. There is still a lot of work to be completed in this area, but the results are in and I’ve asked anyone to show me different.
    I’ve never met Jomo personally, but his academic achievement speak for itself and I would continue to support people such as himself who step up to the plate for a positive contribution. In the wider Caribbean, we continue to condemn our own people instead of supporting them as positive role models for the next generation. Did anyone really show a level of appreciation this man, in giving back his time and talent to his people? Shall we wait until he dies before recognizing how much he has contributed so far? Wow! At the same time some people would glorify the drug dealer and the wife abuser as being the “man”. Dr. Gonsalves made the right choice as his focus is now on building a brighter future for St.Vincent and the Grenadines, no apologies.

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