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It’s strange that the conversation on reparations has stopped since it’s launching. Is it because the committee is not funded to keep this issue alive? No budget to even set up a website so that we can logon and make our voices heard. Hey Jomo if your new job is taking too much out of you, please pass the reparations assignment over to someone else.

I am writing this simply to keep the conversation alive. But every time I use the word REPARATIONS I ask myself, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ And the answer to myself is, ‘I don’t know.’ So could someone please explain to me what reparations is. I hear that we are seeking reparations for wrongs done to black people and native people but what exactly are we seeking? Sooner or later some numbers will have to be written down as to how much the wrongs are worth. For instance do we know how much people were thrown overboard during the Atlantic journey? How much are those lives worth? The African countries who aided in making the whole slave operation possible, what should we seek from them? This issue could be the beginning of RE-PATRIATION and I am confident that West African Countries will agree to settle this by making lands, homes and aid in paying for the journey back to Africa for those who wish to return. After all we have a Nation to build. As for the Europeans it will be much tougher to settle because their crimes can only be settled by the goodness of the human spirit. The Black people of America are in a bad marriage with their oppressors and therefore should seek a divorce and their equal share of land, money and equal access to all military and space facilities. These are just some of my thoughts on what reparations mean to me. Keep this conversation alive and let me feel that we are not just going after a word but meaningful and tangible stuff.


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One reply on “Some thoughts on reparation”

  1. Lance, you have just answered you own question. I have lamented the point that we need more research into reparation, so we have an idea about the issue. I’ve also asked what’s next after the party.
    This issue needs lots of money and that’s why I wanted the committee to go out and sell their findings and the topic to the people, especially the youths. It appears that this thing was built on sand and not a proper foundation. Hence it will surely sink and that’s what you are seeing now.
    How sad, because there are lots of historical facts to be found about the lives and treatment of our forefathers. I have learned a lot more recently, than what “A brief History of SVG” had to offer.

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