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UPDATE, Dec. 30, 2013: The body of Shalarni Headley, 33 months old of Canada, was found on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013, bringing the death toll to nine.

Acting Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel has announced the names of the eight persons who have died as a result of the torrential rains in St. Vincent Tuesday night.

They are as follows:

  • In Rose Bank: Walsy Nanton, 73 of Rose Bank, Horna Nanton, 70, Hazel Nanton-Baptiste, 48, Bernard Nanton, 24, and Yannick Bartholomew, 18.
  • In Byera: Raymond Gonsalves, 62.
  • In Cane Grove: Kelisia James, 18.
  • In Vermont, Desmond Wilson, 43.
  • Shalarni Headley, 33 months old of Canada

According to reports verified by I-Witness News, the following persons are missing:

  • Jozel Small (age unknown), an employee of Buccament Bay Resort, was swept out to sea Tuesday night.
  • Inka Jack, 12, of Questelles, was washed away in Buccament Bay Tuesday night.
  • Shirla Edward, 34, of Buccament Bay, was swept away when floodwaters destroyed her house.
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2 replies on “Counting the dead and missing in St. Vincent”

  1. Cleve & Stefani Lavia says:

    Please update any information on the area of Charlotte, Fancy or Owia. We have family there and have not heard anything about those areas on the North Windward side.

    1. Thank you for your question. We do not have any information on that area as yet. The Prime Minister has also said that he wants to know what is the situation there. No reports of death or injuring in that area have reached us.

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