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The deceased, Joromie Lewis.
The deceased, Joromie Lewis.

UK police have arrested five persons on suspicion of drug offences in connection with the death of a Vincentian man in the United Kingdom last month.

Royal Navy veteran Joromie Lewis, 33, of Gosport, Hampshire, originally of of Greiggs, St. Vincent, died on Dec. 5, hours after consuming a fruit drink, purportedly bottled in Trinidad, which contained lethal amounts of cocaine.

Two men and a woman from Southampton, all aged 37, were arrested on Dec. 23, 2013 and have been bailed until April 8, 2014, The Guardian newspaper has reported.

Two men aged 33 and 39, both from London, were arrested on Dec. 20 and 22. The 33-year-old has been bailed until 3 April and the 39-year-old has been bailed until April 8, the paper further reported.

The Cole Cold Pear D fruit drink was manufactured in Trinidad but the company did not export it the UK.

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UK investigators believe that the drink may have been used by drug smugglers to import cocaine into the United Kingdom in a liquid form.

Lewis was buried in the UK on Monday after a private family funeral.