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After the death of her neighbour, Raymond Gonsalves, as a result of a landslide in Manning Village, Byera during the 24/12/13 trough system, Annetta Williams restates a call for the coconut trees above the village to be cut down.

3 replies on “Video: Traumatised Manning Village resident wants gov’t to cut down coconut trees”

  1. The little i know, by sight, of a coconut root shows that it’s a very strong root and coconut trees rarely fall unless the soil around or below the root has eroded. In strong winds a coconut tree will bend with the top almost touching the ground and the root never moves. In this video the area above the slide has no large trees or a coconut tree and it’s my opinion that if coconut trees were there a slide may not have happened.

  2. I have to agree with ks784. The roots of trees help to stabilize the soil. However that’s no reason not to investigate what happened and take a closer look at trees that overhang houses.

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