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Prime Minister and political leader of the Unity Labour Party, Ralph Gonsalves, and Monica Thomas, wife of opposition candidate, Addison “Bash” Thomas, at the ULP convention on Sunday. (Internet photo)
Prime Minister and political leader of the Unity Labour Party, Ralph Gonsalves, and Monica Thomas, wife of opposition candidate, Addison “Bash” Thomas, at the ULP convention on Sunday. (Internet photo)
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Addison “Bash” Thomas. (Internet photo)
Addison “Bash” Thomas. (Internet photo)

Addison “Bash” Thomas, the New Democratic Party’s candidate for South Central Windward in the next general elections, says he will make a statement at a later date about his wife’s attending the ruling Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) convention last Sunday.

“Well, it is something I really would not want to make any comment on at this time. It is something I am thinking seriously [about] and I will make a comment later, but not at this time,” Thomas told I-Witness News.

However, Thomas’ wife, Monica Thomas, in a separate interview on Wednesday, told I-Witness News that she is a supporter of the Unity Labour Party, and “can’t” support her husband’s candidacy.

“I can’t, I can’t; I just can’t. You understand? I just can’t,” she told I-Witness News.

Elson Crick, communications consultant in the Office of the Prime Minister and deputy general-secretary of the ULP, on Tuesday posted on Facebook a photo of Mrs. Thomas and Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves at the ULP convention.

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“I was told that there is a photograph there but I didn’t look at it. I didn’t go on Facebook yesterday,” Thomas told I-Witness.

“Well, she did attend. … I was told so,” he said, when asked if his wife attended the convention.

Thomas, a former teacher, failed in his attempt to win the South Central Windward seat for the NDP, amassing 1,771 votes, compared to 2,321 for the ULP’s Saboto Caesar, who is now Minister of Agriculture.

Asked if his wife supports his candidacy, Thomas said that he will make a statement at a later date.

Asked if he was estranged from his wife, Thomas told I-Witness News,

“Well, we are living together.”

Mrs. Thomas is traffic warden, based at the Colonarie Police Station.

Asked if there were any specific reasons why she attended the ULP’s convention, she said, “I am a supporter of the ULP. That’s one for sure.”

When asked about her support for her husband’s candidacy, she said,

“There are a lot of things behind it but I really can’t support him,” but added that she did support in him 2010, at his first outing at the polls.

Mrs. Thomas said she is not supporting her husband because of personal, rather than political reasons.

“I guess you are supposed to know what is the reason. The usual reason what they do when you are married: cheating, sleeping out.”

Asked if she would support Mr. Thomas if their marital problems are resolved, she said, “I can’t.”

She said that she and her husband live in the same house, but added, “Main reason, I don’t have anywhere to go.”

The couple has a 26-year-old daughter who is living overseas.

Thomas was one of three teachers who ran for the NDP and were not rehired after the 2010 elections.

Political activist and former member of the NDP, Frank Da Silva, also attended the convention, saying he did so because he wanted tongue to wag and to show, the difference each party gives to its perceived opponents.

21 replies on “Wife of NDP candidate says she is a ULP supporter”

  1. Darrien Ollivierre says:

    This is the kind of thing I really hate about the political arena, one’s private life often becomes public spectacle. It saddens me when things like this enters the public sphere, regardless of partisan stance.

    1. Well maybe it was public already, we just now knowing about it cause it’s on IWN. So many people married and cheating in this country, it’s way too small, but then so who cares. If we are to look at this as an issue, then all the “big wigs” in high offices both public and private sector should step down for infidelity. and i know we can never be like the U.S any sign of scandal, you have to step down.

  2. Darrien, I agree with you totally.

    One’s personal business has no place in local politics. I have said this for many years. But the reality is …..what it is.

    The PM specifically asked for this picture NOT TO be taken. (I heard him, myself). I do not know if the lady in question agreed to be photographed with the PM. I was therefore most surprised when I saw the photo.

    I was even more surprised when I saw the quotations ascribed to her. I can only suspect that someone interviewed her to get the responses which she is said to have made.

    In that case she must have voluntarily made them herself. She also must have known that by attending the convention, she was going to make news.


  4. Oh bumbo klaat, oh ras klaat…


    Mr Thomas please rethink this idea of issuing a public statement. The only thing you should be issuing is divorce papers.

    Vincyland is a free country and this woman is free to support whichever political party she so desires.

  5. Monica has been bruise and battered! And the kind of people that dis man put himself with! Girl you RIGHT!!! Dont support him!!!

  6. Ndp woes continues! If a wife can’t support her husband politically it leaves d voting public 2 wonder what d hell is happening in d ndp camp is it self destructing! First anesia baptiste, frank dasilva, ernesto cooke, now dis ‘wow’

  7. It would be very nice, if more Politician wives can be as bold as Mrs Thomas. Call names and I will whistle . The secret architect that is restructuring the NDP is doing a good job thus far, but if his plan is not approved, he would be digging his own grave.

  8. No wonder progression is very slow in vincy. Ignorance is a curse that foolish people think is sensible. Don’t issue a statement Mr Thomas, issue divorce papers let the ULP accommodate her. Foolish wife trying to get in the news.

  9. Whats new here folks? The only difference is that the wives of the ULP gov’t cheaters are sticking with them because they don’t want to loose the ride on the government gravy train. A former minister was caught red handed with another man’s wife; the Prime Minister himself was accused of rape by his security detail and a Canadian woman accused him also of sexual assault; but his wife is still with him. Now should these two wives stay or should they leave?
    All these issues about the NDP are simply side shows that have Ralph licking his lips in glee. But that would not stop the NDP from winning the next general elections, hands down.

  10. Reuben Peters says:

    Bash has to show the maturity of a leader and support his wife in what ever her political choice. By showing that the Democratic process is alive and well at his home. eg A past Governor of the great city of California was a Republican while his wife is a Democrat ..

    This should not be any big news if we believe that everyone has the right to decide their own destiny.. I must applaud the lady for being very brave and stand up for what she sees as the party for continuning progress in these difficult times…

  11. The ULP people are talking about marriage life of public figures LMAO hahah. Everyday I laugh my belly full in this place. Where were you all when the Prime Minister was giving a woman a “reassuring kiss” at 4 in the morning, and being charged with rape twice Hahahah.

    Listen folks, you do not want to compare character of politicians in SVG because the ULP won’t come off looking good, so just relax with that. What we want to hear is what the ULP has plan for SVG in the next term.

    They didn’t give the budget and they didn’t say anything at their convention, what are the plans, we are tired of pulling down Vincentians and gutter talk. The PM loves to talk and if he had anything to say he would but he didn’t say one thing.

    What are the ULP plans for the next term, the people of SVG need to know. It doesn’t matter anyway, they on there way out. Shame and disgrace.

  12. Mr and Mrs Thomas are no longer a couple in the sense of the word. (He will reveal that much in his statement). This gives Mrs. Thomas the freedom to do whatever she pleases and choose whatever affiliation catches her fancy. Of course as a spurn woman, she would side with whatever side he is not on, just because she knows that it would hurt him more.
    In this case, it’s barely newsworthy. Mr Thomas, being a public figure, should have ‘cleaned out his house’ before it caught up to him. One can’t be in the public light while living with a vengeful wife. Serious implications and repercussions…

  13. The entire discussion has been derailed.

    So I guess, I should put my 2 cents in as well.

    How come nobody talking about MAJOR BLOWS?

    MAN WIFE juggle him off to rass PUBLICLY in a party because he playing with another man’s wife.

    Man tek he blows, hang down he head, and go home

  14. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! But why is this being used as a political football? There are more serious issues facing the nation, but here we are discussing a family private problem. Vincentians thrive on commess: It’s always he say, she say. We should all look in our closets, before we try to examine other people’s closets. I also believe ULP folks should be ashamed to bring up these issues, because their leader is no saint.

  15. Peter Binose# says:

    BASH, I suggest you get into a bit of wife swapping, swap her for a bag of rice or something useful.

    Lerone you are 100% correct.

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