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Allan "Rasta" Wilson.
Allan “Rasta” Wilson.

Police have charged a Questelles man with the alleged armed robbery of a CK Greaves and Company Ltd. employee on Feb. 7.

Allan Wilson, a 29-year-old contractor was arrested on Sunday, three days after police declared him a person of interest in their investigation.

Police allege that Wilson robbed at gun point 27-year-old Vendcliff Primus, a delivery clerk of Belair, of one black laptop bag, valued EC$60, containing one black notebook, valued EC$25, a sum of cash amounting to over EC$29,000 and cheques approximating EC$13,000, the property of CK Greaves and Co. Ltd., at Kingstown on Feb. 7.

The CK Greaves employee was reportedly robbed one week after a similar crime was allegedly committed against worker at St. Hill Insurance Co. Ltd.

Jariel “Mad Max” Belle, 26, of Paul’s Avenue is slated to return to court on June 2 in relation to the alleged robbery of St. Hill Insurance Co. Ltd. employee Raymond Durrant of cash and cheques belonging to the company in Kingstown on Jan. 30.

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