Miranda Williams

The body of Miranda Williams is removed from the scene on Saturday. (Photo: Karamo John/IWN)

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Police are on the hunt for the killer(s) of a Rillan Hill woman whose body was discovered in bushes in a neighbouring village Saturday morning, less than 12 hours after she was seen making her way home.

Police say that the woman, 34-year-old Miranda “Wiggy” Williams, was shot, and a post mortem is slated for Monday.

The Deceased, 34-Year-Old Miranda Williams Of Rillan Hill.
The deceased, 34-year-old miranda williams of rillan hill.

Monica Williams, mother of the deceased, told I-Witness News on Sunday that her daughter had complained that someone had threatened her repeatedly.

She said her daughter has lodged at least one report with police about the threats.

Meanwhile, a female clerk at a grocery store in Rillan Hill told I-Witness News that she sold cellphone credit to Miranda around 10 p.m. Friday.

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She said Miranda was on her way to her house, located some 200 yards away from the store.

Detective Station Sgt. Trevor Bailey, Second Left, Attempts To Console Williams’ Relatives At The Scene On Saturday. (Photo: Karamo John/Iwn)
Detective station sgt. Trevor bailey, second left, attempts to console williams’ relatives at the scene on saturday. (photo: karamo john/iwn)

Residents of Rillan Hill have told I-Witness News that a white car stopped in the vicinity of the shop after Miranda left, and they believe that she was abducted.

Villagers in the Penniston-Hope area have also spoken of a white car speeding out of the Hope area Friday night, while others have said that they heard gunshots in the area around 11 p.m.

Detective Station Sgt. Trevor Bailey, Centre, And Other Homicide Investigators At The Scene Where Williams' Body Was Discovered. (Photo: Karamo John/Iwn)
Detective station sgt. Trevor bailey, centre, and other homicide investigators at the scene where williams’ body was discovered. (photo: karamo john/iwn)

Williams told I-Witness News that while her daughter had complained about being threatened in the past, she seemed normal when they last spoke — by telephone on Friday.

Williams, who lives in Sion Hill, said she went to visit her daughter at her workplace at a restaurant in Lower Bay Street, Kingstown around 9:15 Saturday morning.

Miranda did not turn up to work and calls to her cellphone went unanswered, the mother said.

She said that while in a van to Sion Hill Saturday morning, another of her daughters called, saying that someone resembling Miranda was found dead. Williams’ daughter later called again, confirming that the body was Miranda’s.

Monica Williams, Surrounded By Other Members Of Her Extended Family, Holds Her 5-Year-Old Granddaughter, Whose Mother, Miranda Williams, Was Slain Between Friday Night And Saturday Morning. (Iwn Photo)
Monica williams, surrounded by other members of her extended family, holds her 5-year-old granddaughter, whose mother, miranda williams, was slain between friday night and saturday morning. (iwn photo)

Williams told I-Witness News that Miranda’s son, a 12-year-old Form 1 student of Buccament Bay Secondary School, seems to understand the reality of what has happened to his mother.

However, Williams told I-Witness News that Miranda’s 5-year-old daughter has said that her mother is dead, but will be coming home soon.

The death has left the family, and other residents of Rillan Hill baffled about what reason someone would have to harm Miranda, who was widely described as a quiet and respectful woman.

Miranda is the second South Leeward resident to be found dead with bullet wounds in the past month.

On March 22, Nolly Jack of Campden Park was found dead on the road to Lowman’s Bay, hours after her left home to go fishing.

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11 replies on “Police hunt for killer of woman found dead after suspected abduction”

  1. SVG slip sliding away ,may the almight blow this evil wind and its roots away from over this country sometime soon .

  2. My heartache for the people of my beautiful country.i can’t stop crying even though i don’t know her.my sympathy to the familly and friends.

  3. Father have mercy!
    Condolences to the children Miranda’s mother and other family members and close friends.
    Lord grant your peace, your grace and you strength!

  4. Avatar Of Carlos WalcottCarlos Walcott says:

    Seriously? Enough with the violence in this once beautiful and innocent country. Is it television? Deported criminals? Unemployment? The Government needs to put its collective heads together to harness this runaway train of violence that is sweeping this island nation.

  5. Avatar Of Merlyne MooreMerlyne Moore says:

    It is so sad to hear of all these murders. This seems to be world wide. However we thank God that he is still in control of everything.

  6. Wow just wow. SVG really gone, we have murders from everything now, it use to be cutlass but now it seems gun is the weapon of choice. It is even making the rounds in the grape vine that it cost 200 EC dollars to hire a hit man in SVG to kill someone. Could you imagine that, 200 dollars is the going rate of Vincentians lives these days. The tongue really is mightier than the sword. ” We will make the country ungovernable ” remember when the ULP said that? that is one of the things they promise and deliver.

    Hear Nuh, Vincy is a dangerous country and I am avoiding it like a plague right now, because it seems the only way to feel safe is for me to sharpen my cutlass on the plane ride coming down,so be fore I do that I rather stay ad be a eternal failure in the cold.

    The country is ungovernable now fellas thanks, and congrats.

  7. omg…… my thoughts an prayers goes out to the williams family an the kids, stay strong in the lord an know that he will bring your family out alright put your trust in the almighty father he never fails us yet,and they will find her killer or killers and bring them to justice,Williams family your in my prayers

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