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From left: Gabrielle and Amarlia Benn, and Alexi Humphrey and Anastacia White.
From left: Gabrielle and Amarlia Benn, and Alexi Humphrey and Anastacia White.

This year has so far been a very fruitful one for two young Vincentian tennis players, Gabrielle and Amarlia Benn.

The girls, 13-year-old twins, did themselves and St. Vincent and the Grenadines proud having dominated an all-girls singles and doubles finals at the just concluded Barbados ITF junior tournament.

All of the athletes in the finals were Vincentians.

Gabrielle won the singles finals against Alexi Humphrey. The twins also won the doubles finals, beating Humprey and Anastacia White, both 12 years old.

They further went on to Trinidad, where Humphrey won the girls finals, and the doubles finals, alongside White.

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Their outstanding performances in those tournaments has resulted in all four athletes ranking within the top 20 of the Central American & Caribbean Tennis Confederation (COTECC) Rankings with 3 of them in the top 10.

The athletes’ parents are hoping to take the athletes to the Bahamas and Jamaica at the next high-level tennis tournament in July.

This year’s winning streak follows on similar creditable performance over the years, that have seen them winning or being runners-up in their respective categories.

St. Lucia ITF 2013, however, was their first regional tennis outing.

All four girls reached the main draw, and the Benns won the girls doubles finals, a feat that they repeated in SVG in last August.

3 replies on “Vincentian twins secure win in regional tennis”

  1. Alberto White says:

    The girls did SVG proud, especially noting that they raised their own funds to attend these events. Can’t express how proud we are of them. Keep it up!

  2. Teacherfang says:

    The Vincy Serena and Venus?. Keep the Vincy flag flying high;

    Congrats to Gabrielle, Amarlia, Alexi and Anastacia Keep up the good work.,

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