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SVG's top performer in the 2014 CPEA, Laron Jones. (IWN photo)
SVG’s top performer in the 2014 CPEA, Laron Jones. (IWN photo)
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When Rodika Jones received a call from her mother’s cellphone number on Friday she was naturally expecting that the person on the other end would be her mother.

It was not.

“They were like, ‘Rodika, I am calling on behalf of mom, because she is in an emotional state right now.’ Automatically, my heart dropped, because I didn’t know what she was calling for,” Jones told I-Witness News on Saturday.

“And I heard ‘emotional state’, so I though something was wrong. And then she said, ‘Your brother…” I was like ‘Oh lord, what happened now?’” Rodika further said, recounting the conversation from one day before.

“And she was like, ‘Your brother came first for Common Entrance.’ I was like, ‘For the school?’ She said, ‘No, he came first for the whole country,’”

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It was then Rodika’s turn to pass on the message to her brother, SVG’s top performer in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment, 10-year-old Laron Jones, who scored 95.40 per cent.

“I was laughing actually because I thought it was a joke she was playing on me,” Laron told I-Witness News, recounting his response after receiving the call from the elder of his two sisters.

His mother, La Fleur Jones, a teacher at Questelles Government School, which Laron attends, and his father, lawyer Roderick Jones, later called and told him he was indeed the top performer.

Laron then believed.

He told I-Witness News on Saturday that he was “very surprised”, that he was the top performer in the exam.

“I expected to do well, but I never had in my head that well to become the top student,” said the Twenty Hill resident, who turns 11 on Sept. 11.

Laron returned a perfect grade for maths.

“I have a very committed math teacher, Mr. Winsbert Williams,” he said.

Laron added that this mother, who recently completed a degree in maths, and his father, also helped him to prepare for the exam.

The Jonese. From left: Roderick, Laron, La Rika, Rodika, and La Fleur. (IWN photo)
The Jonese. From left: Roderick, Laron, La Rika, Rodika, and La Fleur. (IWN photo)

Laron’s life is a mixture of academics and hobbies, including going to the beach and swimming and music — playing music, listening to music, and singing.

He plays the guitar, pan, keyboard, and recorder. He learnt to play the recorder in school, guitar at a police camp, but he doesn’t know how he learnt to play the keyboard.

“I have one in my room and I just fiddled around with it,” he said.

Laron has entered several competitions, and has demonstrated great determination to succeed.

“I remember in Grade 4, I think, I entered the Courts reading competition. I didn’t do too well; I didn’t make it to the finals. I entered again and made it to the finals and didn’t win. Even though I wasn’t winning, I still liked competitions, and the failures just motivated me. And in Grade 5 I entered the Leo Club literacy competition and I won,” Laron said.

Laron’s father, before becoming a lawyer about two years ago, was a teacher for more than a decade, and his mother is still an educator.

But does the young Jones want to become a teacher?

“Definitely not,” he told I-Witness News, adding, “Children seem stressful these days and they might get worse.”

But Laron might study law.

“From my view, and looking at my father, I actually enjoy law. And he teaches me a couple things and I think I really like it; so I want to study it,” he said.

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  1. C. ben-David says:

    The new CPEA is a joke. Evaluation standards have simply declined while literacy and numeracy levels are at an all-time low. This downturn began decades ago in many rich countries; poor countries like SVG are simply playing catch up.

  2. maxford barker says:

    First off good job by the jones family a special grad to laron you ate the trendsetter i wish you not but best from here you are future keep you head up and don’t get distracted

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