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The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not represent the opinions or editorial position of I-Witness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

I was happy to see on the weekend evidence of the asserting of freedoms of conscience, opinion, expression and speech of Dr. Brendan Bain and other persons who have been persecuted by sodomite lobbies’ influence upon organizations.  On Friday 13th June, 2014, I read that Professor Dr. Brendan Brain who was recently fired by the UWI has secured an injunction against it for until the hearing of his claim against the institution for breach of his constitutional freedom of expression and opinion. The professor is also suing for damages.

The Jamaica Gleaner reported on Friday 13th June, 2014:

The Supreme Court has granted an injunction barring the dismissal of Professor Brendon Bain as the director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Training Network until his suit against the University of the West Indies (UWI) is heard. Justice Carol Edwards granted the injunction this afternoon allowing for Professor Bain to keep his job for the time being.

Bain who is challenging the termination of his contract also wants the court to award damages.

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The UWI terminated his contract effective Sunday June 15, after claiming that his constituent had lost confidence in him. It followed his decision to provide an expert report on homosexuality and HIV in a court matter brought by a gay man in Belize who was challenging a law that makes it illegal for men to have sex with men. Attorney-at law Georgia Gibson-Henlin, who is representing Bain, says a date has not yet been set for the trial.” (See article)

Please remember that this man’s professional career was threatened with destruction simply because he gave his expert opinion in a court case. This professor has worked with and treated medically sodomites. He has served them in his capacity as a doctor and been involved in programs which give education to them on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is evident to me that because his expert opinion exposed so strongly the nature of the sex they engage in and its risks and since the sodomites in Belize and elsewhere felt it would defeat their purpose/effort to have the anti-buggery law removed in Belize, they lobbied the UWI to remove the professor. This is intolerance against the professor and the fact that they seek his removal from his job shows that they believe only they have the right to live, work and survive with their views but none with views different from theirs and indeed that may be used to make a case against their position must have the same rights and freedoms as they do. This is wrong and I wish professor Bain great success in his endeavour. The truth is that this is a shame, disgrace and insult from UWI. Do our governments pay economic costs for our students to attend UWI so UWI can, under pressure from lobby groups of sodomites and sodomites sympathisers, deny our students an excellent professor? Is this what UWI education has come to? We should be protesting against this injustice and assault on our rights as Jamaicans and Belizeans have done, including other UWI professors and students. Now, the question is, if the UWI professor can lose his job from UWI for his expert opinion, what about a Christian group at UWI who speaks out against sodomy? Will they throw them out of the UWI? What will our governments who support UWI say then? Silence too?

Now, in other news, again reported in the Jamaica Gleaner on Sunday 15th June, 2014, written by Erica Virtue, Senior Gleaner Writer entitled , “High Cost To Defame Donald – Jamaican Pastor Successfully Sues Gay Newspaper Which Libelled Him”:

Gay Star News, a United Kingdom-based tabloid dedicated to providing information to members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, has apologised to Jamaican pastor Donald Stewart, and paid damages for defamation after it accused him of being a paedophile.

The newspaper has run an apology stating that: “On 25 August 2013 we published an article and a photo of Dr Donald Stewart with the headline ‘Demonologist pastor says ‘homosexual issue’ needs to be corrected’.

The article had alleged that Dr Stewart was a paedophile who had been convicted of two counts of indecent assault on a child as part of his role supervising the Swift Purcell Boys Home, Jamaica, in 2009.

But in its apology the newspaper said: “Dr Donald Stewart, pastor of the Portmore Lane Covenant Community Church, Jamaica, is entirely innocent of these charges and has never been arrested or charged in connection with any such offence. We sincerely apologise to Dr Stewart for the distress and embarrassment which he has suffered as a result of our very serious error and we have unreservedly withdrawn the allegation”.

Gay Star News had published its story in response to a Sunday Gleaner report in which Stewart, pastor of the Portmore Lane Covenant Christian Church in St Catherine, was quoted as saying that, “somebody must stand up to homosexuals.”

Last week, Stewart said he was convinced that the allegation was part of a strategy to discredit anyone who is opposed to the homosexual agenda.


“We know it’s part of a strategy to cut down the credibility of people opposed to their agenda. But there is a God in heaven and my stance on homosexuality has not changed,” Stewart told The Sunday Gleaner.

He said another entity operated under the moniker, The LGBT Network, picked up the story from Gay Star News and plastered it on its website.

Stewart said when his lawyers contacted the entity, they discovered that it was run by one individual, “and he begged us not to sue, as he did not have any money to settle.”

“We agreed to leave it, because we would incur a cost to pursue someone from whom we could not collect. … I was initially angered that they would stoop so low, but honestly not surprised. If they can’t get you on their side they try to discredit you,” said Stewart.

According to Stewart, his lawyers are now pursuing defamation cases against four entities based in the United States. “They do not want to settle, so we are going to court,” said Stewart without naming the entities.”

Now, now, now, what will those who shout “homophia” at Christians for preaching God’s word say to this? That sodomites are free to defame people because of their beliefs? I am happy that freedom is fighting back and I wish Professor Bain and Pastor Stewart much success in their pursuit of justice against this assault against freedom from the gay agenda. The rule of law must stand in Countries. And the rule of law principle does not give more rights to some than others or create special rights for some that others do not have. Rights and freedoms are equal under law for all. Sodomites already have rights and freedoms as everyone else. They do not need a law to give them some so called right to do their practice, which they do already, anyway. Besides rights come from God. Laws only protect God-given or natural, free born rights. God did not make any baby a sodomite. My next piece will prove that there is no such thing as a sodomite/gay gene and thus the “rights” argument for sodomites is debunked. It is such a shame that even heads of states today equate it with the struggle for civil rights of black people. The world is in perilous times but there is hope in God, to help the sodomite to change and become loving, respecting of his fellowmen’s rights and freedoms and to love himself away from the risky, unsafe and unhealthy behaviour of sodomite ‘sex’.

Anesia O. Baptiste

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

8 replies on “Freedom of conscience fights back!”

  1. Peter Binose says:

    Every time this woman writes something now, I don’t even bother to read it. I cannot stand the rantings of a religious fanatic.

    I am sure she is certainly committing political suicide. Let her keep ranting, but keep her out of our politics. I feel she will be worse than Gonsalves.

  2. Dwayne smith says:

    Amen. Well said put it to them truth is truth my sister. Now I’m longing for the gene madness them trying to claim. Keep the faith and shine in Christ.


  4. Vincy Person says:

    Anesia lacks tolerance, grace and strategic maneuvering. It is not a matter of wrong or right. Gays deserve rights like us heterosexuals.

    Mr., Editor, Anesia’s grammar and language usage seem excellent. Anesia, please do us Vincentians a favor and desist from spewing such homophobic and visceral views. It is scary that many Vincentians are saying that Anesia Baptiste is an intelligent woman with a bright political future.

    Five years from now, or maybe less, Anesia would decry these very views. If Anesia is pandering to the Vincentian society, she has lost foresight because many of the leaders of this world have family or friends that are gay or lesbian. Heads of international Fortune 500 companies and world organizations have asked many of their subordinates to step aside because of these very views. Does Anesia intend to become the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and Grenadines?

    Say all you want about Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, he tackled this issue with grace without sharing his personal views by alluding to the legal and social aspects of it, and in so doing, he avoided an international reprimand and the immense shame it could have brought Vincentians.

  5. Sigh, Why do the people with the biggest mouth think they should be in position of power. Just because you like to talk doesn’t mean you could run a country, Papa Ralph already show us what talking and no action will do. MS Baptiste needs to listen to herself more. She sound no different than the Taliban or Boko Harram, You want to bring more division to little SVG? Lawd have mussy.

  6. Teacherfang says:

    Here is the bottom line, Dr Bain provided testimony on behalf of some religious nuts who is in favor of keeping the anti-sodomy laws in Belize on the books, so do not pretend or give the impression as though this was some neutral testimony. As a matter fact the report submitted by Dr Bain is a piece of crap. He used selected data to make a case of keeping these laws on the books. This is what the UWI press release stated:

    “Where our colleague Professor Bain erred was in practicing junk science before the court, primarily:

    by linking without evidence those high HIV rates to the removal of laws that criminalise homosexuality in France, The Netherlands and United States, while ignoring that neither laws nor Jamaica’s notorious hostility to homosexuality have protected us from having one of the highest rates of HIV infection among men who have sex with men in the world”…

    Now, the folks who feel such laws are discriminatory, decided that Dr Bain has taken a personal stance and therefore no longer has the professional integrity to be in charge of CHART.

    Funding for the CHART Network (its programme and units) comes from several U.S. entities: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Global AIDS Program, HIV/AIDS Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM)…[excerpt taken from website]

    Now given the information above, one can appreciate the predicament that UWI is in…if the very people who the organisation is reaching out to get financial assistance and also looking to provide a service to those working with HIV, is saying that they don’t want Dr Bain to be in charge anymore, what is UWI supposed to do? Are they to ignore the very people who is their core constituents and chief financial contributors? Please, get real Ms Baptiste, this is the reality we live in. Dr Bain by testifying on the behest of an interest group, took a stance that contradicts the position of his employer…which employer is going to tolerate such behavior? Which court is going to tell an employer that they should retain an employee that has lost the confidence of the group of people that is the lifeblood of the organisation?

    I will bet my house that at the end of all these court proceedings…Dr Bain will be on the wrong side of the court. He has no legal standing. This is not about freedom of expression or academic freedom; this is simply a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Dr Bain.

    Ok on to the next one, Ms Baptiste I agree with you on the point that some in the gay lobby are intolerant of opposing views but when folks like yourself, are advocating draconian laws and ill-treatment for gay people; its no wonder that they bristled at the slightest hint of opposition. I have no love for this lifestyle but I am not one to support the ill-treatment of folks who sees things differently from I do.

    Ms Baptiste, you are on the wrong side of History and Science, of course you will tell me you on the right side of God…whatever. History tells us that MSM been around since time immemorial and man will continue throwing rod on man as long as this place exist…that’s a fact. Science tells us that human nature is not as simple as boy meets girl or boy is boy and girl is girl. I can appreciate religious views to an extent but when you start being fanatical and downright dotish, well you on your own.

    Ms Baptiste, what about the sodomite sex between a man and a woman, are you against that too?

    Ms Baptiste I grew up in Vincyland with a boy who was my neighbor…we use to play together, we were around the same age, 7 thereabout…and that boy was as effeminate as my sister…so much so that I asked my mom one time why he acts so “girly”….her response…that is just how he is…wow!…and guess what, sure enough, he grew up to be well mannered, educated, a nice guy in every respect, sodomite….I on the other hand, turn out to be an educated vagabond, chasing skirts all over the….so explain that to me Ms Baptiste…was he born gay? Am I. the “straight” better than the sodomite in God’s eyes?

    Ms Baptiste, what is Vincyland going to do with you…lawd put ah the way are you watching world cup? Are you into sports? I am. backing Brazil and hoping that teams like England, Ivory Coast, Belgium and to a lesser extent the US, perform credibly.

    Ms Baptiste, have a good day, and I don’t believe you can be worse than Gonsalves….naah.

  7. Anesia Baptiste says:

    Wow!. The great majority of the piece above shows news from Jamaica about two things:
    1. Professor Bain is fighting for his rights against an unjust dismissal for speaking his expert opinion in a court case and 2. A Pastor actually receives judgment against a newspaper who in promotion of the LGBT community, defamed him for merely preaching his conscience directed by the bible. And all some can engage in, in response to such facts are denigration of Anesia Baptiste? What about the Professor and the Pastor? What about the fact that Gay Star News had to apologize and pay damages for defamation? Facts are facts regardless of foolish name calling.

  8. Candice Seales says:

    Homophobic they call you? I did not know you were afraid of sodomites. Keep up the good work my dear and educate the public that they may know and reject this sodomite agenda. We are the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem who hold not their peace.

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