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The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not represent the opinions or editorial position of I-Witness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

On May 26, 2014, I submitted for publication on I-Witness News and article called “Exposing Sodomite Sex & Agenda” in which I cited a large portion of Jamaican Professor Dr. Brendan Bain’s expert report in a Belizean Court case which revolved around the anti-buggery law in Belize. The professor was subsequently fired by the UWI from his position at the head of CHART. Indeed the portion of what I cited from Professor Bain’s report which was based on facts from research, was damning of the sodomite behaviour because it exposed how risky, unsafe and unhealthy the practice of ‘sodomite sex (particularly men with men) is to the sodomite himself and indeed any other members of the public with whom he may participate in sexual intercourse. I made the case that the action against professor Bain was against his rights and freedoms and that indeed such has been the agenda of sodomites as seen around the world where Christians and other conscientious people have been denied their freedom of conscience and expression when it comes to their views and opinions of the sodomite behaviour.

Subsequently I submitted for publication another piece in which I cited largely from an article by Michael Swift from the 1980’s called the “gay Manifesto”, in which I continued to point out the fact that there is a sodomite agenda. I was ridiculed and chastised for this, with lying claims that I misrepresented the article, when in truth and in fact I posted the article in its entirety, noting that some have claimed it is satire but that there is nothing funny about it. Some chose to ignore that portion of my piece (about satire) to harp on a few lines which apologists for the sodomite manifesto have claimed are left out by so called right-wing persons to somehow invent a “gay agenda”. However, none can prove that those first few lines really appeared in the original article. On the other hand none denies that Michael Swift did write the so called “outré”. I maintain that whether or not it is claimed to be joke, such is not the kind of things a truly oppressed person should joke about let alone wish upon his so-called oppressor. After all, despite my rejection of sodomite behaviour, I do not wish death upon sodomites as Swift’s gay manifesto does. Rather, I wish him/her repentance and change which is possible as the testimonies of former sodomites who have converted to Christ show.

My contention here remains the following: Sodomites do their acts anyway. They have been doing it for years even in the face of anti-buggery laws. The issue is that they have now been pushing for laws to so-called-ly give them rights which always end up taking away the rights and freedoms of conscience and expression of conscientious persons and Christians. This is not equal, fair or just. This assault on the freedom to believe that sodomy is wrong, freedom to practice one’s belief by choosing not to participate in support for sodomy and freedom to preach one’s conscientious values and the gospel of Jesus which calls for repentance and change from sodomy among sins, is what I object to strongly. This is not Animal Farm. Some are not more equal than others. If the Christian speaks against sodomy, he or she is called a “hater”, “intolerant” and “homophobic”. Worse, he or she is accused of discrimination and hate speech/crime for choosing not to accept sodomy or to do services for sodomites (such as the baker in the US who refused to do a wedding cake for 2 men because he is a Christian and does not believe in sodomite unions). However, there are no phobia charges for other sexual perversions such as bestiality and or paedophilia or rape or incest. Yet around the world there are couples, people and movements fighting to get laws to legalize each of the above also (believe it or not). In Germany there was a public case of a brother and sister who live together and have children, fighting for the state to recognize incest. In the USA the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is fighting for the lowering of the age of consent so adult sodomite men can have sex with 11, 12, 13 year old boys. In Europe and the US, legal weddings have already been conducted between woman and dog, man and cat-yes it is true. In fact the US Senate in 2013 passed a law which removed a ban on sodomy in the military but it also at the same time removed a ban on bestiality in the military because the offence of “sodomy” was also defined as “sex with an animal”. So, with all these moral corruptions becoming legalized in the world and more international agencies calling for acceptance of them, if the Christians in SVG preach against Sodomy, Bestiality, Paedophilia, Incest, must they now be subjected to scorn by names such as “ Bestilaityphobia”, “Pedophiliaphobia” and “Incestphobia” perhaps? You may say now that I am outrageous and it is not the same but the reality is that these things are happening outside of SVG now and they are becoming accepted legally. Soon, we too will be called upon to legally accept them just as there is pressure now it seems to accept sodomy as legal.

We have freedom of conscience, belief and religion guaranteed in our constitution and no law must hinder these. Therefore, no hate speech law or hate crime law which criminalizes the mere expression of one’s conscience. It is the very bible that speaks against sodomy, showing God’s hate for it (I said it-the sodomy-not the sodomites-the people). God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and 3 other cities in the plain, whose remains exist still in the East as has been shown by persons who visited and documented it all (check the internet). The Christians are merely following what God said, showing what he says about this abominable practice and giving warning from him and calling to repentance and sinfreeness those entangled in it. What next from those who find such preaching intolerant and bigoted? Will the sodomites and their sympathisers burn the bibles in SVG-the source of the so-called intolerance, bigotry and homophobia of the Christians and other conscientious persons? What do they want? A public looking up to heaven and calling God a bigot, intolerant and homophobic?

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Someone called Peter Binose who is clearly too coward to use his or her real name publicly, accused me Anesia Baptiste of spreading hatred, intolerance, etc. in my last piece. Yet, any honest person reading will see that I merely cited what the sodomite Swift has said and I gave my opinion on it. Never once did I say sodomites shouldn’t be allowed to travel for meetings, conferences related to their careers or that they should be brought up for hate crimes for their speech which advocate violence against those who disagree with their behaviour. Yet the same Binose personality in his so-called rebuke of alleged hatred and intolerance on my part spews hatred and intolerance against me. The pseudonym said to me:

“Your article is all about hatred, it is in my view therefore a hate crime. Because you wrote it here or there makes little difference, the Internet is international, when you go to Europe or the United States, someone or some group will, I hope, bring an action against you. I am sure with such views, although you may get invited to international and regional conferences as you have before, when I send them a copy of your article, it may be goodnight Mrs Doubt-Fire Richards-Baptiste.”

Talk about the real intolerance, hatred and bigotry! Oh and one more-Christianphobia. Anesia Baptiste must not travel because her conscience doesn’t accept sodomy. Anesia Baptiste must be brought up in court for a hate crime because her speech rejects sodomy according to the Holy Scriptures. Anesia Baptiste must not work/travel for work/career because she speaks against the behaviour of sodomy. That is intolerance from Binose! That is bigotry from Binose! That is hatred for Baptiste from Binose!  Let us stick to the issue of a rational discussion. In SVG all must be free. None is more free than another. There is no special right as sodomite and sympathisers are claiming globally.

Vincentians will decide how they vote Binose and the majority will decide government, not you alone. So, if you want to start a campaign against Anesia Baptiste for being “homophobic” and since you are clearly already against the ULP’s Ralph Gonsalves, then will you be telling Vincentians to vote NDP because it supports sodomy unlike Mrs. Baptiste? Feel free. Meanwhile I will continue to speak for the rights and freedoms of people in this Country, including Christian and other conscientious persons, including preachers and followers against any agenda that seeks to deny them this, including the sodomite agenda which evidently exists. More facts to come on this subject.

Anesia O. Baptiste

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

7 replies on “Rejection of sodomy not fear of sodomites”

  1. Why are we bringing this bulling issue into the election arena? People have the right to choose their lifestyle. I have no problem with that. However no one or government should force people to accept situations that are uncomfortable to their beliefs, religion or upbringing.
    Sex between two or more individuals (if not forced) is acceptable. Why push for legislation to approve different sexual behaviours. What does the government or individual have peeping through ones’ bedroom? That’s private and should remain so.
    However gay people should never try to get others to accept their life style. Keep you behaviour to yourself and live in peace. Gay folks should never force others to accept their life-style. They would be looking for a fight and of course they will get one. Just stay in your corner and others will stay in theirs.

  2. Anesia….Dont waste your time and energy with this dotish goat Peter Big Nose I call him…He is a Political Dunce and is also one of those Sodomites a menace to civilisation in SVG. He is doing his best to spread SODOMY DISEASE while writing his rubbish in this publishing media..I wonder why Kenton Change is allowing this. come on Kenton what are you afraid of…RUN THAT STUPID POLITICAL DUNCE…By the way Anesia. Keep writing against this filthy topic SODOMY you have my full support and I hope all the Christians and Preachers of Salvation will do likewise and Condemn SODOMY in every way….The Book of Jeremiah Chapter 1. V 26. onwards tells it as it is….Please read the it all…including Kenton Chance…..

  3. Peter Binose says:

    Woman, you are mentally ill, go and see a doctor, you have an obession about buggary.

    I get the feeling that you may of been sodimsadarily abused in the past, perhaps the recent past.

    I have not started a campaign against you, you are pretty good at self conflagration, whipping yourself into a frenzy.

    I suggest you take your opinions about anything and everything and poke them where your abuser did.

    Your hatred and spite against me preceeds any religious beliefs you may have.

    I consider you a very dangerous person, and I just hope that you never get any political power, in my opinion you have the making of a tyrant.

    Instead of trying to save the world from the brown hatter brigade, go forth and multiply, have a child and become a real saviour of mankind.

    There have been more children, girls and boys, sexually abused by priests and religious leaders than by people in any other walk of life. Why not talk about that? Even in your own branch of religion there have been accusations of child abuse, why not talk about that?

  4. Peter Binose says:

    Anesia I really believe you are a zealot.

    “You have to stop confusing a madness with a mission”
    Flannery O’Conner, ‘The Violent Bear it Away’

    I read the following on facebook, it reads like a horror story.
    ‘Thusians Accused of Child Abuse and Other Unspeakable Acts’

    I also viewed an article on another media which for some reason unbeknown to me, really annoyed Mrs Richardson.
    ’15 Questions for Anesia Baptiste By Leslie Patterson’

  5. Thanks very much guys, you all are enlightening me so much, even though I know the difference of right from wrong, to much information is never to much, keep the discussion going.

  6. Peter Binose says:

    You seem to have an obsession about buggery.

    I have not started a campaign against you, you are pretty good at self destruction, your government job, your position as senator.

    Your hatred and spite against me precedes any religious beliefs you may have.

    I consider you a very dangerous person, and I just hope that you never get any political power, in my opinion you have the making of a tyrant.

    There have been more children, girls and boys, sexually abused by priests and religious leaders than by people in any other walk of life. Why not talk about that? Even in your own branch of religion there have been accusations of child abuse, why not talk about that?

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