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Jomo Thomas, left, and  Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in September 2013. (IWN photo)
Jomo Thomas, left, and Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in September 2013. (IWN photo)
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An open letter to Jomo Thomas and Prime Minister Gonsalves

Mr. Jomo Thomas, what constituency are you living in? And why not try and run for the constituency in which you are living? Why are you forcing yourself on the people of South Leeward? You said you have family ties in that area, but how much of your family is supporting you? In recent times, you formed your own party, PMC (People’s Movement for Change). What really became of that party? What happened? Did you not have enough leadership skills to run your own party? You kick up so much against the prime minister and the ULP (Unity Labour Party), so how come you want full time candidate and want to give Mr.[Grenville] Williams a hard time now? What are you, a dictator or an authoritarian leader? Please leave South Leeward seat for the people to determine who they want to represent them.

Mr. Thomas, you are not really a people person. It is now that you are offering yourself up for candidacy that you want the general public to believe that you are there for them. Why see something in the day and take flambeau and look for it in the night? What really is your motive? Did you join the party for your own personal reason, or are you trying to get back at the prime minister and the general secretary? You once said the Prime Minister take away your job and Julian Francis refused to give you a party card. What is your relationship with Mr. Grenville Williams? If you lose the runoff, will you continue to support the party or encourage the people to support Mr. Williams? Please let’s not bring bassa bassa to what you have to offer us. We the people said if you win the runoff fair and square we will join hand-in-hand and support you to get rid of Mr. Stephenson, but if we do not get a runoff, the PM can’t send you to us. We are telling you plain and straight “NO RUN OFF, NO SOUTH LEEWARD“.

And my dear Prime Minister, this time we are not going to follow you. You want to lead South Leeward people over the cliff with another Timothy Harris? Is Jomo the leader of the PMC? When he loses in South Leeward, will he bring back his party with Oscar? We are writing this letter with red pen. Following this, your next letter would be in yellow pen. If you don’t believe, wait until the bell is rung. You can’t push Jomo down our throats; we want to choose who we want and our choice is Grenville Williams for South Leeward. Do you think the chosen few can stay behind an iron curtain and send Putin down in South Leeward for us to vote for him? Why a runoff for North Leeward, Central Leeward, Mespo, North Windward and your constituency, but none for South Leeward? South Leeward is not voting cattle; let us have our runoff. Are you afraid Grenville will win? Is ULP becoming a dictatorial party? The constitution says differently. Let’s have a runoff and the winner will be well supported. If there is no runoff, stand ready, nature, to take your course. Thank you.

ULP supporter

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The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

8 replies on “No runoff, no ULP for South Leeward”

  1. ULP INSIDER says:

    Call yourself a ULP supporter. You need to shut your mouth and accept what is best for the constituancy. The Comrade knows best and its wishes and instructions that Jomo is his choice, and thats his final decision.

    Why not use your own name so as you can be quietly spoken to withour resorting to writing articles that damage the Comrade and Jomo.

    You can be sure of one thing we will find out who you are.

      1. words of phrophecy says:

        Be warned vincentians, camilo was not born in svg, and what is to stop a foreign born from becomming the next prime minister of svg. sooner, rather later, svg will be the next haiti, syria, north korea, need i say more. invite the devil to dinner and eventually he wiil show up. remember what happen to glen jackson

      2. words of phrophecy says:

        I’m not trying to be God, i’m simply stating that we live in a democracy and as such, the position as prime should not be givin as a gift by father to son, it must be the people’s choice. when are we,as vincentians gonna wake up. At this moment. our country is devided, foreigners are raping of our country of it’s little resources and you fail to to see what’s going on. sooner or later, it this trend continues, svg will be the next haiti and it will take decades to rectify.

        thank you and have a nice day.

  2. ULP Insider,
    You forget to put your real name so you can be quietly spoken to. You believe Jomo is the right man, but ULP supporter believes differently. He has stated his case, but you have not. Yet you want to rebuke him for his choice. Now that’s a ULP tactic – Ralph is always right, even when he’s accused of rape. What happens to democracy and the right to make ones’ own choice?
    Did you notice how Ralph is still clearing the deck, so Camillo will have no resistance when he’s installed as leader of the ULP? The older candidates are either left hanging out in the cold or are being replaced with new “yes-man/woman” candidates. The minister of agriculture was removed from a job that kept him in the spot-lights. He was literally placed at the back of the bus. Yet he’s holding on, instead of crossing the floor, or helps to move a no-confidence vote against this dictatorship. I keep wondering if he’s a man or a mouse. Vincentians are being setup for another Comrade. This one has a ganja background and will smoke SVG into oblivion.
    Jomo thinks he’s smart, but Ralph is much smarter. He knows Jomo cannot win, so one less competitor for the ULP leadership. Jomo will definitely challenge Camillo, so there can be no coronation for Camillo when Ralph steps down. James from North Leeward is also a puppet and cannot hold his own against the boys from town.
    Now if Ralph had kept his promised to reintroduce town and village councils; there would have been no disagreement between both ULP supporters. The candidate would have been selected by and from among the town and village people. I keep warning the NDP that this is an election issue that can help him in this coming election. I have been hearing he supports the concept, but I am yet to hear its part of the NDP platform.
    Here is the situation: A light goes out in front of Blabla’s shop. He reported it to someone in town and while I was in Layou, no one came to replace the light bulb. There are dark and dangerous areas that need lighting, but here again politics have raised its ugly head and young women and girls are exposed to criminal activities. The area is very busy with young women and girls attending 3 churches in close proximity. These are issues a town and village council can handle very easily; instead it has to go all the way to Papa. This is why it will be difficult to control the mosquito, unless the people in the towns and villages are part of the solution. Decisions must be made by the people and not by a dictator and his lap-dogs who lives miles away.

  3. Urlan Alexander says:

    The ULP at war? The “ULP Insider” is telling The “ULP Supporter” to use his/her own name…what a calamity.

  4. “Is ULP becoming a dictatorial party?”

    This has to be the most ridiculous question I have ever seen in my life. Wake up Idiot, that’s the whole motive of the ULP, the party has been a dictatorship from the start. Why are people still trying to fool themselves. The problem with Vincentians is that they have too much pride, you made a mistake by voting the PM there, now rectify your mistake and move him.

    Have anyone of you been to any other caribbean country? let me tell you, SVG looks the worst by far, compare to St Lucia, and Grenada And Antigua and the rest of the OECS , SVG looks like a slum compare to those countries, our standards of living are some of the worst in the OECS. Only a few people in SVG are living good while the majority of the country is in the gutter and people are catching they tail. Every picture Dr Ralph is in he smiling big because he is living well, while everybody else catching they tail. Time for this man to go and let SVG start to prosper.

  5. Vanrick D. Willams says:

    February 16th, 2014, my article was published on this site and it spoke directly about Mr. Jomo Thomas and Mr. Grenville Williams ( Since then a lot was said, sides have been taken and candidates have been chosen. However, this ULP supporter seems to be an advocate for Grenville, not the ULP since this article lacks objectivity. I have had the opportunity to converse with both Thomas and Williams and it’s clear to see that Jomo fits the profile of a politician compared to Grenville. A useful analogy can be made to soca artistes ‘Fireman’ and ‘Skinny’. Skinny passes his fans on the streets without regard whereas Fireman can be seen conversing with everyone, including the dirtiest man on the streets. Then people wonder why the crowd loves Fireman so much. So stop wondering why Jomo is the favorite to contest the South Leeward seat. Mr. Grenville Williams needs to learn how to communicate with individuals of all spheres. Nevertherless, it doesn’t matter who is put forward by the ULP in the South Leeward constituency because at the end of it all, nature must take its course.

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