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Will Chris Gayle perform better if he bats lower down the order? (Internet photo)
Will Chris Gayle perform better if he bats lower down the order? (Internet photo)
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I have always thought and said that Chris Gayle in particular would be vastly more productive with the bat if he bats lower in the order, say number four.

As any person who follows/observe international cricket would notice his fundamental flaw is batting perilously angling towards the SLIPS CORDON. Of course, he is not alone. Several other West Indian batsmen have the same problem, but, as a batsman who has played in over 100 tests, I expect him to make the necessary adjustment.

In my estimation, it is a huge gamble to send him at the number 1 or 2 spot — when the ball is new. Moreover, he and others needs to learn to switch from T20 to Test Mode and show patience at the crease when needed for the good of the team. Test cricket is about patience and attrition.

Chris Gayle needs to bat LOWER or RETIRE.

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Friendly, but serious advice to the WICBC, directors, selectors and Ramdhin, please get rid of non-performing seniors. Gayle and Chanderpaul has had their time; it makes absolutely no sense to continue with them, and their continued presence is made even more painful by the fact that they are neither winning or saving matches for the team.

It’s time to invest in the youths and in a couple of years you can find hunger, hard working youngsters with a lot to look for in the future that will make West Indies a top team again.

Finally, bottom line, pick a squad of our best players under the age of 25 added with the Narines, Taylors, Roaches, Shillingfords, etc. In the just-concluded series, Holder, Brathwaite and Blackwood has shown and demonstrated that the younger players are quite capable and certainly no worst than the SO-CALLED superstars.

Dominique R Stowe

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

3 replies on “Chris Gayle should bat lower down the order”

  1. Drop Chanderpaul? Are you dumb? One of West Indies’ biggest problem is bringing in youngsters too soon…

  2. Godwin Gibson says:

    Someone wants Gayle batting lower but can’t see the need for chanderpaul batting at 3 all tests teams bat their best batsman at 3 giving them the best chance of winning games and the thing with Gayle is that he is a naturally attacking player and should be allowed to play his own natural game the stupid thing about the management and coach of wi is that they are always trying to change the players to how they want them to play instead of allowing them their natural game Gibson needs to go now

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