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Fireman Hooper

Fireman, centre, and other artiste sing on the road on Tuesday. (IWN photo)

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Power and Ragga Soca Monarch Delroy “Fireman” Hooper says he thinks it is unfair for Gamal “Skinny” Fabulous not to indicate the song he will perform during the Soca Monarch competition.

Fireman unseated Skinny during the Power Soca competition on Saturday, and also won the Ragga Soca crown the same night.

Skinny, who was Power Soca Monarch in 2012 and 2013, placed second.

For years, the programme that the Carnival Development Corporation produces for the Soca Monarch competition has had the name of the song that others artiste will perform, except Skinny’s.

Skinny's song was the only one not listed on the programme for Saturday's show. (IWN photo)
Skinny’s song was the only one not listed on the programme for Saturday’s show. (IWN photo)

“For years I have been trying to find out, because a competitor needs to know what rival they are coming to meet, in terms of song,” Fireman told I-Witness News when asked about the issue shortly after his crowning around 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

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“I don’t know why he does it; I don’t think it is justice, but that’s what he does; that’s what they (CDC) accept.

“I can’t say anything further on that. But if I have to defend next year, I will have to put my songs. I don’t know about the system and what the system accepts,” Fireman further told I-Witness News.

2 replies on “Fireman says omitting Skinny’s song is not ‘justice’”

  1. I hope he used the money wisely and do something productive for once year after year you win soca monarch and you still stagnant only a house hold name in vincy u need to lift your game and standard and give we some thing we can be proud of at hime and abroad.

    1. Shane Daniel says:

      Totally agree with Gaylene. I really dont know how Fireman does it. His songs and performance is too localized. His songs wont be able to reach past the shores of svg and if so, definitely past the caribbean sea for people abroad wont be able to laugh or relate to the humour he projects. He is definitely a boring artist. Guess he’s made for the homebase.

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