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Queen Of The Bands 2014

Jennilee Glasgow of SVG Players is Queen of the Bands 2014 with “Somewhere over the Rainbow” (IWN Photo)

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(Click for photos of the King and Queen of the bands competition)

Competitor: Jennilee Glasgow
Portrayal: “Somewhere over the rainbow – Beyond the rainbow”
Mas Band: SVG Players
International Mas Band
Position: 1st

Competitor: Semone Richardson
Portrayal: “Fire & Ice – Heat”
Mas Band: Guinness Y D Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird & Friends
Position: 2nd

Competitor: Petra Pompey
Portrayal: Carib Beer – We Drinking
Mas Band: Digicel Ju-C Nelson Bloc
Position: 3rd

Competitor: Verlene Ralph–James
Portrayal: The sacred and the profane – Dimensions In Life
Mas Band: Owen Ralph & the Professionals
Position: 4th

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