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2 replies on “VIDEO: Illegal dumping health hazard in Brighton”

  1. Patrick Ferrari says:

    A fine might cost a vote so it ain’t going to happen. At any rate, Red Shirts are unfineable, so if the fine comes all you have to say is, “I AM LABOUR.”

    The lady is doomed as I am – and the tourists – with the beach below me.

  2. Talk about passing the buck! Anyone can collect data from the site and get the police act on the information gathered. They can go through the garbage for links to people who may have used the dump illegally. Collecting data to be presented to a magistrate or judge in SVG is not on anybody’s radar. They have to see the person in action before charges are laid. This plays out in the case of break-ins, rapes and murders. That to me is the height of incompetence and ignorance.

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