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A woman rings a bell amidst jeering as PM Gonsalves is called to give a tribute at the funeral of Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch. (IWN photo)
A woman rings a bell amidst jeering as PM Gonsalves is called to give a tribute at the funeral of Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch. (IWN photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves was booed as he entered, and later as he was called upon to pay an honorary tribute to his former political ally turned political rival, Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch, at the funeral in Georgetown on Saturday.

In the lead up to the funeral, there was much discussion on radio and social media about whether Gonsalves, who sued Lynch once for defamation, should have attended the funeral.

But Lynch’s family invited Gonsalves to attend, and to pay honorary tribute.

Lynch is a former host of the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) “New Times” radio programme on NICE Radio.

NDP President and Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace, and former prime minister, Sir James Mitchell, delivered honorary tributes at the funeral.

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Some NDP activists advocated on radio and social media that Gonsalves be booed, and on Saturday morning, a recording was played on NICE Radio, in which Lynch spoke about the booing of Gonsalves as he attended in 2011 the funeral of NDP activist and comedian Lucien “Saluche” Small.

In the recording, Lynch said he did not agree with persons booing a prime minister.

“But, you see the present prime minister that we have here, what he got here yesterday, with booing or whatever, that is a taste of what he use to do when he was in opposition,” Lynch said in the 2011 recording.

“… sometimes it is good for you to get a taste of what you use to give people to drink… You eat that now; eat that now, Ralph Gonsalves, because that is your trademark,” Lynch said even as he reiterated his opposition to the booing.

Gonsalves entered the church immediately behind the procession. He told I-Witness News on Monday that he arrived in Georgetown about two or three minute after 1 p.m, and not before the funeral began.

Two vehicles from the Office of the Prime Minister arrived in Georgetown ahead of the commencement of the funeral and remained parked outside the Georgetown Police Station, which is located across the street from the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, where the funeral took place.

Other persons entering behind the procession included Green Party Leader Ivan O’Neal.

Some members of the crowd inside the church began to jeer and boo as Gonsalves made his way to the front of the church.

At the front of the church, Gonsalves greeted Eustace and other dignitaries, and in a side conversation inquired of Lynch’s daughter, Shafia London, if he is to speak before or after Sir James.

Eustace and Sir James’ name were listed in the programme, but Gonsalves’ wasn’t.

The booing and jeering continued bringing the funeral to a halt.

A man in clerical garb then asked the congregation to sit, as the noise continued.

“Hello, hello, can I have your attention, please?” Keino Spring, one of Lynch’s sons said, as the noise continued and he pleaded with persons to be quiet.

Keno, right, and Shafia, two of Lynch's children, appeal for silence at the funeral. (IWN photo)
Keino Spring, right, and Shafia London, two of Lynch’s children, appeal for silence at the funeral. (IWN photo)

“This is not about you, this is not about me, this is not about Ralph, this is not about Eustace; this is about my dad. So just for one moment, just for two hours, if you can just put it aside and just give him the respect that he deserves. When you are finished, you will have an opportunity to make noise in the right way; just not now, please. Okay?” Spring further said.

“If you respect my dad, you will give him that much, just for the day. Thank you,” he  said.

A cleric then attempted to continue with the rituals.

But as the jeering continued, the cleric said:

“Hello! Hello! Good afternoon everybody! With all due respect to you, we are in the house of the Lord and not in a fish market. I appeal to you to be quiet and listen to what the priest has to say. Otherwise, if you cannot be quiet, you will have to leave. Thank you very much.”

But later in the programme — after Eustace and Sir James had given their tributes, as the cleric called on Gonsalves to give his tribute, the loud jeering and boos erupted again and some women took turns ringing a yellow bell.

London and her brother attempted to quell the crowd and one of the persons ringing the bell took it outside as the jeering continued.

“Hello! Hello! Hello! May I have you attention please,” London said as the jeering continued.

“Hello! Hello, may I have you attention please. May I have your attention please?” she further said as she made several attempt to quiet the crowd.

London then spoke with her brother and her brother spoke to Gonsalves.

Prime Minister Gonsalves is flanked by two of Lynch's children, Ken, left, and Shafia, right, and a member of his security detail as he speaks at the funeral. (IWN photo)
Prime Minister Gonsalves is flanked by two of Lynch’s children, Keino Spring, left, and Shafia London, right, and a member of his security detail as he speaks at the funeral. (IWN photo)

When the prime minister did speak, he greeted the congregation and said: “I came here at the invitation of the family to speak. I want to make sure that the dignity of this event is maintained in accordance with our Christian traditions and beliefs.

“I have known E.G. Lynch for a very long time and I have come to honour him with my presence. I shall publish my tribute at an appropriate time and I want to thank the family and the vast majority of people who are gathered here, who wish to have a funeral service proceed in peace and dignity and having done so in accordance with the wishes of the family, and I express my condolence to them, I thank them for the solidarity and may almighty God continue to bless them, and, in respect of EG Lynch, for his soul to rest in peace and light perpetual shine upon him. Thank you very much.”

The jeering continued during Gonsalves’ speech and some members of the congregations engaged in exchanges with a few persons who seemed to be supporters of Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party, the exchanges at time including expletives.

Gonsalves returned to Kingstown before the end of the funeral and delivered his tribute on his party’s radio station, Star Radio, at 4:40 p.m.

(This article was updated at 7:57 a.m. on Monday, July 21, 2014)

(Click for photos of the funeral)

31 replies on “Gonsalves booed at EG Lynch’s funeral”

  1. Richard Salandy says:

    My condolences. I was of the opinion that this is a funeral……Regardless of which party you support, if any at all, people need to be more professional and mature when it comes to the Prime Minister(it does matters who it is); time for us Vincentian to realise that. Matters like this should not even make news; it’s simply saying Vincentians have no respect.

  2. Really! Is that the way we teach our children to respect those in authority, regardless of what transpired between mr Lynch (r.i.p) and the PM does it make it right to be so in humane and down right disrespectful.. A man is dead a family is grieving and simply ask for some respect towards their father and that’s the respect they got, how can a country move forward when even in death politics has to be present… Where does ndp and labour fits into the final church service the final resting place the last time that ppl get to pay their last respect like what was ask of the PM fits in:( 🙁 distasteful! Unsightly! Horrifying! To human eyes and ears. It’s caged animals that behave like that.. What has SVG COME TO?

  3. Allan Palmer says:

    I have never been so happy to see disorderly behavior before, this was not organized by a politician but it was the actions of the people trying to ensure a dead man who was humiliated in life be pissed upon in death. This is no where close to the premeditated road block, I am going to make the country ungovernable criminal […] that Gonsalves led.

    Congratulations to everyone who made it uncomfortable for Gonsalves in his attempt to dishonor E. G in death. Cheers good job.

  4. Mitchell out, in and out of office never get this, Cato, i heard from EG, had one incident where he had to run in the Police barrack for safety […] when NDP won in 1984. IWN might get some ‘liks’ too for posting this vid. How can i go to a “convicted felon”‘ whose “tongue would be stilled” funeral after i did everything to crush him and left him homeless?. It appeared to me also that EG’s daughter was also to be crushed, you know how i hate successful women, she was head of COC when the car park was taken away, she’s in the marketing of beer and a market, Canival, was taken away. Were these not suppose to make her look like she can’t function or get good results in her careers?. It’s my opinion too that if Grenville didn’t make himself available for the ‘candidate show, that Carnival market would’ve been somewhere else and they may have left SVG to find employment elsewhere.

  5. Shameless! Shameless! Shameless!. Shame on you Gonsalves. You are one despicable, unconscionable robot. You were the one who caused EG’ final demise; you sued him, you caused him to lose his property; his health deteriorated as a result until his death. Yet you had the gall to attend his funeral and spoke to the mourners in the process. But you couldn’t stay away; you are like a dog returning to his vomit. Disgusting!

  6. And so the PM attended the funeral, and what is, is the was of what shall be.
    I’ll be so happy if I’m around to see, how things will turn out
    at a funeral for someone from the ULP.

  7. Vincentian people this is a disgrace to the dead man and his family. I’m a Vincentian living abroad and I’m embrassed of what as occur at a funeral y’all need to apology to the man family and if PM didn’t showed up y’all would of still have something to say no respect at all. What has happened between them happened and he’s dead now so all of that is gone. Grown ass people acting like little children. SMDH (the family should of had a private funeral-they did what they thought was best)

  8. Bryan Alexander says:

    Some Vincentians are an embarrassment to the world.

    Is this what we have come to?

    Isn’t this a funeral ceremony?

    Is this the way we, as a people, behave?

    EG Lynch’s family invited the Prime Minister, Dr Ralph E Gonsalves to speak at their father’s funeral, and Vincentians vindictively disrupted the event………..all because they hate the Prime Minister.

    Is it any wonder we in St Vincent are catching our royal?

    We are a wicked people! ……We are an awful people!

    One thing I can guarantee you of, and it is this. The NDP just lost any possible remote hope they had of winning the next general election.

    Yes, the crazies would still vote NDP…..but average, middle-of-the-road, non-committed Vincentians, would be unable to sympathize with, or support, this type of unruly, over-the-top hooliganism.

    Even worse, not one single NDP leader stepped forward to quiet the mob. They wallowed in the moment. Not Arnhim Eustace, nor James Mitchell, or St Clair Leacock, or Linton Lewis, raised their voice in condemnation of this nonsensical behaviour. In fact, not even Priest, Fr Ulric Jones chastised the bad-behaved mob.

    ……..But life has a strange way of compensation us.

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!

    I just hope these NDP blow-hards are able to cope with the effects of the boomerang.

  9. And this is how they the NDP want to lead SVG when they have no respect for the Dead! Long live PM Gonsalves..Long Live comrade…You continue to show them you have class…in other countries they would have been arrested….God bless you my comrade.

  10. Perhaps the PM attended the funeral because he wanted to be the center of attention. If so that objective has been accomplished. Already all the NDP supporters are talking about him, all the ULP supporters are talking about him and persons who don’t support either party are talking about him. This will continue for the next few weeks if not months…..Or maybe he just wanted to be a martyr?

  11. Teacherfang says:

    “I came here at the invitation of the family to speak”…It was utter foolishness to have invited Gonsalves and it was just sheer brazenness on the part of Gonsalves to have accepted the invitation. In the end, the family of E.G and Gonsalves deserves a bullwood. It’s my personal believe that the family of E.G were more concern about prestige than having a quiet and dignified funeral. Were these fools that naive to believe that Gonsalves presence wouldn’t create a problem? Pleaaasee!

    Funerals in the past were dignified gatherings, showing much respect to the dead. Nowadays, funerals are like j’ouvert, people acting a fool. What the hell is that woman doing with a bell in the church, really? And then people coming to the mic asking for respect? Where is the respect in inviting Gonsalves to your father’s funeral? Get the f**k outta here…

    Mother Priam used to say, so you live, so shall you die…E.G stirred the masses when he was alive and thanks to his vainglory family, he stirred the masses in death.


  12. From what I read the PM was invited by the family. (Very gracious of them). Therefore the mourners should have shown more respect and not behave in such a disgusting manner, After all a funeral is supposed to be a solemn occasion to pay tribute to the departed and not a venue to vent personal political feelings. Shameful.

  13. I supported the move by Ralph to attend the funeral. What most people don’t realize is that politics is a daily 24/7 issue in SVG. That’s the reason for the bad behaviour and I condemn the actions of some disgruntled persons. No one can blame NDP for this. I don’t think Arnhim or any other NDP supporters could have stopped the booing. The people wanted to send Ralph and ULP a message, it so happened they choose the wrong time and place. How can any one know if these people were NDP supporters? I’d like to see what ULP supporters will do when Arnhim attends Ralph’s funeral.
    I maintain it was Ralph’s duty to attend the funeral service no matter what many had predicted.

  14. Come Not, When I Am Dead
    by: Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892)

    Come not, when I am dead,
    To drop thy foolish tears upon my grave,
    To trample round my fallen head,
    And vex the unhappy dust thou wouldst not save.
    There let the wind sweep and the plover cry;
    But thou, go by.

    Child, if it were thine error or thy crime
    I care no longer, being all unblest:
    Wed whom thou wilt, but I am sick of Time,
    And I desire to rest.
    Pass on, weak heart, and leave me where I lie;
    Go by, go by.

  15. Kirjath Spence says:

    There is an order of lawlessness and disrespect that’s prevalent in St.Vincent. That needs to be curtailed. I lived in new York city for over 45yrs and most of the time I am embarrassed to even tell folks that I was borned in St.Vincent. Therefore, when speak of the rude and distrustful behavior of the masses and especially of the children: we should first look at ourselves and be mindful of what we are teaching the children and exposing them to. Children only learn what we teach them. In other to build a nation adults must lead by example. I am not trying to upset anyone but basically telling it like it is.

  16. Augustus Carr says:

    My fellow Vincentians I call for calm , reconciliation and respect for the situation. Do not allow politics to make you seem ignorant. You must understand that politics is design to be contentious. However, you should not get drawn into it. It was quite noble of the Prime Minister to attend the funeral of the late EG Lynch. I would have been very disappointed if he did not. It is his duty as Prime Minister to pay respect to every dead Vincentian despite his opinions, differences, political persuasion, religious conviction or the circumstances surround the persons death. Respect must be accorded to the dead. It is that which is required of every moral man.

    It seems to me that we Vincentians do not have a true understanding of politics. Politics must be seen as a process rather than a battle. It is a wonderful thing when both political parties debate each other and the issues come to light. That’s how you are able to develop a real understanding and appreciation for what is going on in the country. Unfortunately, many of you take politics too personal and continue to defame others rather than just see it as a process of governance and enlightenment. You take the politics into your homes and communities and create divisions, which sometimes result in insults and criminal acts being committed against each other. Additionally, it results in the lack of respect for human dignity as is the case of Mr. lynch.

    It must be clearly understood, that the wishes of the decease family must be respected in any funeral situation. It was very disturbing to hear that after calls for calm by the decease son and daughter persons continued to be disrespectful. Living abroad, I frequently bragged how respectful Vincentians are. Unfortunately, that respect did not resonate at Mr. lynch funeral. In fact, this is a major shocker for me.

    Let’s not allow our politics to turn us into enemies and villains but rather a people who appreciate and respect each other’s view points. A people who advance respect for human dignity and the rule of law. Let’s reflect on this situation as a learning experience and never ever let it happens again. We must show the region and the world that we are an educated, civilize and intelligent people.

    I wish to take this opportunity to express condolences to the Lynch family. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

  17. RESPECT THOSE IN AUTHORITY THIS IS BIBLE ROMANS 13… Now there is a right and a wrong way of handling things and people should understand this. You tube is viral and this is very shameful for anyone to look at and then this will leave a bad taste on all who will be looking at this video. I am happy that I am living in America and not there……this is only the SMOKE for sure the FIRE will be following and as granny will say YO AINT SEE NOTHING YET!!! ride on my people ride on and see where this type of behaviour will take ALL VINCENTIANS LIVING IN SVG.

  18. Damarios Johnston says:

    Very disrespectful to the Prime Minister and totally out of order. The Prime Minister was invited to speak at the request of the family. Everyone else should have respected that. People have got to learn to set aside personal differences and rally to the table of solidarity when the call is given. The House of God became an arena of hatred. Soufriere is still active!

  19. You destroyed a man’s life, make him lose his home, send him to an early grave. Then except to be greeted with open arms at his funeral. (Only a hypocrite would think that)

    Just the way the PM was dress shows he had no respect for lynch. The hypocrisy of this man has no limit.

  20. Real CLASS where most of them can’t surpass! Mr Prime Minister I admire your disposition throughout the whole disrespectful scenario. You are truly a leader. Kudos to you.

    Too many bitter “spirits” were in that place Mr PM.
    The spirits of division and unforgiveness and hatred. What example is there for the youth and children to respect those in authority? A seed had been sown in that place – disorder in the land!
    May God help us!

    Even the Bible bids us as a Christian people to do so- RESPECT THOSE IN AUTHORITY–from the Church right back to the Government!

    Almighty God is the one who establishes and removes- not a bunch of crazy, immature people.

    Well they did it to Moses when he went up to Mt Sinai to hear from God and they felt he was taking too long and built the golden calf to worship.

    But Almighty God always has the last word!

    Vincentians wake up and stop testing the Hand of God!

  21. C. ben-David says:

    The ever-growing vulgar side of Vincentian culture was in full display at Lynch’s funeral, testimony to the slow but steady decline in morality, civility, grace, maturity, and other virtues in Vincentian society since the beginning of electoral politics in the early 1950s.

    Encouraged by a power-hungry political elite, the m/asses have been so let loose to exhibit all manner of crudity and debauchery in full public view and to the delight of their equally depraved peers that conduct that was formerly as despised and condemned as it was rare is now celebrated as normal and natural.

    How many of the m/asses actually realize that the elite fear them as much as they despise them? How many know that the politicians of all stripes and parties don’t give one damn about them but only use them to gain power, privilege, and wealth?

    No wonder so many Vincentians are so desperate to escape their place of birth, to flee somewhere, anywhere to get out of the backward, ignorant, and petty country called St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  22. Earl Richardson says:

    This was in bad taste and bad for the image of SVG as a whole. I can’t believe how backward these georgetown people are! its a church and with Mitchel and Eustace in attendance and not intervening shows what a higher standing the prime minister has- Shocking!

    I knew EG well I was shocked to hear of his passing and he is not this primitive, shame on these Georgetown hooligans! They disgraced EG even in his death. Most of them their would also slag off and defame EG- This is nothing but a political stunt by the ever so silent other so called dignitaries
    Lets hope Georgetown is not a looser in the Government’s eyes for this SHOCKING display hooligans like these should be shipped around the world for attending football matches they would fit in fine!

    EG RIP ..

  23. Cheryl Aberdeen says:

    FYA EMPRESS sang it this year.


    Is this the idiotic, nonsensical and ‘hooliganistic” behaviour we are not only exhibiting, but also are displaying for our children to follow?

    Shame on Vincentians!!! Those who took part, and those who permitted this foolishness to continue are both to be blamed.

    This was a really sad day in our country’s history. I thought Vincentians were more civilized.

    Where was the respect for the dead and their grieving family members? Despite their consistent pleas, the unruly congregation behaved as though they are in a fish market.


  24. Hello folks:

    I fully agree with the person who talk about lawlessness in SVG, we have become a lawless and wicked people.

    The first time it dawned on me, is when we blocked the road during the end of he NDP term in office, I could of hardly believe we were capable of that, it was a rude awakening for me. Oh now I remember we had promise to make blessed SVG ungovernable.

    The next time lawlessness hit me in my face was when the elected members of the opposition NDP party were thrown out of the house of parliament, some of them were kicked down the stairs, including the female member Miss Fredrick, Daniel Cummings got his back damaged.on that day, and had to seek medical attention in Trinidad.

    All on the orders of the ruling ULP, later in another sitting of the house of parliament some one told MR Cummings he will be in a wheel chair.

    My God, I am still asking my self when did SVG transform into such a cruel society.

    We are certainly harvesting the seeds that were planted by our Comrad in 2001

  25. To all people the who keep on saying that they have no respect for the Prime minister, we all must remember Respect go both ways. We must Respect other people in order for people to Respect us. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Enough said.

    The moaners disrespect E.G and His family. There’s a Place and Time for everything and this was not your time or place for that. You were there to pay your final respect to lynch and send him home in a dignified way, but instead choose to embarrassed yourself ,party and supporters like myself. Mr. Lynch earn that respect from you guys and on his final journey home you disrespect him that’s what pissed me off. Sometimes we just have to let things slide, or deal with them different, how about leave the church when the Prime minister starts to speak that was the most appropriate way to handle this situation.

  26. Brian Alexander says:

    Mr Pastel is a LIAR- – par-excellence !!!

    NO ONE was thrown out of the house of parliament!

    NO ONE was kicked down kicked down the stairs.

    WHY Mr Pastel and the NDP clan LIE like that is beyond anyone’s comprehension!

    What Mr Pastel did not tell us, is that out of frustration, the NDP almost succeeded in overturning a Firetruck in Kingstown.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that the NDP members continually disrespect the Speaker of the House.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that the NDP tried to ram the gates leading to the House of Assembly.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that the NDP Ministers of government from 1984 to 2001 “bought” (STOLE) government lands for pennies-on-the-dollar.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that James Mitchell used his privileged office for his political gain.

    James Mitchell knew of developmental plans for Canouan, so he DEMANDED that a parcel of land be sold to him for 40cents per sq ft, when the going rate was over $3. Mitchell held on to the land and later sold it for several million dollars !!!

    That is a CRIME called Insider Trading.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that NDP Ministers of government all drove STATE OWNED vehicles. One Minister in particular, even had 2 at his disposal!

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that even today the NDP is still LYING on the Prime Minister and the ULP.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that the NDP top brass LIED when they said that PM Ralph Gonsalves owns 2 LIAT planes which he leased back to the airline.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that the NDP LIED when the said that if the ULP won the referendum, that Ralph Gonsalves picture would be printed on our dollar bills.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that THE NDP LIED when they said that if the ULP won the referendum, that Vincentian- British retirees would no longer receive their pensions from England.

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that AH-NAME USELESS LIED when HE said before the 2010 election, that the NDP had been involved in negotiations FOR 2 YEARS, with an investor to complete the Argyle Airport.

    Mr Pastel conveniently DID NOT speak about the moronic behaviour of his people in the CHURCH at EG’s funeral on Saturday.

    Mr Pastel DID NOT TELL US that EG actually died of a broken heart, because Ah-Name Useless refused to help him medically!

    Mr Pastel did not tell us that when EG got sick, AHNAME USELESS SAID that the NDP does not owe EG anything……….since they paid him a salary.

    Mr Pastel, I welcome your idiotic submission which kinda got me started here.

    I await your response so that I could complete the process.


  27. Peter Binose says:

    The Lord has spoken through his people, they have every right to object to Gonsalves being in the Church even if he was invited by his left wing socialist members of his family. Lynch’s life was cut short by spite and hatred, he was beaten into submission in the courts by Gonsalves. He was hounded “until he existed no more” remember that phrase “we will hunt them down until they exist no more”. Those are the words of true hatred.

    In my mind the people owe Gonsalves no respect because he showed no respect to Lynch when he was living.

    Does anyone really believe that respect be shown to a disrepectful man just because he hold high office. I shudder to think how some people would react in some other countries.

    Gonsalves really doesn’t realise that he was taken to the House of the Lord to be punished, and shown that he is a mere man, capable of being punished and embarrassed.

    This was the House of the Lord, whatever happened there can only be the Will of the Lord.

    The girl London may well of been embarrassed as well, so perhaps she was wrong to invite a man that treated her father in such a way that may well of helped contribute to his death.

    My belief is that Gonsalves was electioneering when he went to the Church, he was hoping to save some votes which have been disappearing from his camp because of Lynch’s death, and perhaps attract some others.

    Lets praise the Lord, who works in mysterious ways.

    As my father always said ” The Lord pays Debts Without Money”

  28. I stand corrected: I earlier said that Ralph should attend Lynch’s funeral. I wasn’t aware of what may have caused Lynch’s death. After reading the many submissions by diverse folks, I now believe I was wrong to suggest Ralph should attend the funeral. The doctor’s article on what stress can do to a diabetic; shows the impact the court case had on Lynch. I am also convinced that it resulted in his demise. The conclusion I came to was that Ralph should not have attended the funeral. He knew in advance, how people felt about his behaviour and treatment to Lynch.
    The folks, who demonstrated their abhorrence against the treatment of Lynch, by booing Ralph, were just expressing their feeling against his attitude towards Vincentians who don’t support his ways. Those who feel ashamed to be Vincentians because of this issue are forgetting a previous alleged rape case against the Ralph. That issue went platinum worldwide and had Vincentians ducking for cover in the Diaspora. This issue is peanuts compared to the alleged rape case. To me this was more serious than anything Lynch may have said or done.
    However no court case was brought against Ralph because the DPP refused to go along. He also dismissed another alleged rape charge by another woman and refused to investigate their merits. So please don’t pretend that the Vincentians are backward. They refused to allow Ralph, no matter who invited him, to speak at the funeral because they knew he was pretending he cared. He wasn’t there to pay respect to the Lynch. He was there to promote his propaganda and the people had enough of his lies.
    Whether this incident happened in the sea, the air or on land, it doesn’t matter. It had to come down to this and it happened when Ralph showed up for the funeral. It took place in the church – so what? Churches, worldwide are nothing but business houses, where people are taxed in the name of God. All one has to do is to look at the life style of many priests.
    Stop trying to defend this evil and vindictive man. Try to be proud of your fellowman that stood up to tyranny and lies. This was democracy at it best. So take off those blinders and be proud Vincentians again.

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