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Wednesday, July 23, Game Results: 4 games

U16 Division:

Hawks defeat Rockets 50 to 12

-leading scorer Hawks: Jonelson Compton with 20 pts. 13 reb

-leading scorer Rockets: Jovian Derrick with 4 pts

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Hornets defeat Young Wizards 24 to 17

-leading scorer Hornets: Shemar Phillips and Michael Peniston with 11 pts each

-leading scorer Young Wizards: Mario Tannis with 7 pts

Second Division: Young Duke defeat Wizards II    48 to 40

-leading scorer Young Duke: Marco Browne with 2 pts, 13 steals, 4 reb

-leading scorer Wizards II: Jermaine John with 16 pts

First Division: East Blazers defeat Wizards I        63 to 59

-leading scorer East Blazers: Keon McFee with 18 pts, 2 assts

-leading scorer Wizards I: Xavaughn Dennie with 16 pts



6pm: Rockets vs Dragons

7pm: Titans vs Young Wizards

8pm:Hornets vs Hawks