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PM Gonsalves as he  exited the ULP South Leeward  Constituency Conference in July, where Williams nominated Thomas as the ULP's candidate for South Leeward. (IWN photo)
PM Gonsalves as he exited the ULP South Leeward Constituency Conference in July, where Williams nominated Thomas as the ULP’s candidate for South Leeward. (IWN photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves was seen walking with a slight limp on the weekend.

He told reporters on Saturday in Vermont that the problem was his knee.

“What happened is this: I injured it. I have to be more careful. But not injured it severely, I’m alright,” said Gonsalves, who turns 68 on Aug. 8.

“You see how I come down there perfectly okay,” he said in reference to his descent of a flight of steps at the Vermont Community Centre, where the Unity Labour Party in South Leeward held its constituency conference.

Supporters walk out as Williams nominates Thomas as S. Leeward candidate

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“This morning when I got up, I felt it, but all I did was put a band on it and put the usual anti-swelling thing that you put. My health is fine,” Gonsalves said.

In April, Gonsalves sought to assure Vincentians that he is in good health, having returned to work after doctors ordered him to rest for a week because of an ankle injury.

He said he had twisted his ankle in his bathroom and a small cut to the sole of his foot had gotten infected.

5 replies on “PM seen walking with slight limp”

  1. You refer to the PM walking with a limp. How come you haven’t investigated if the leader of the opposition has HAD A STROKE. Please can the people be told.


  2. Wow, the most hospitalized PM?. It was clear from IWN’s photos of Dec. 2013 that Gonsalves had some difficulties staying on his feet on the hilly leeward area, going uphill seems to be very painful for him. During the Rose Bank funeral a pic of him holding on to a female going uphill was more of a for support than a hug up hold on. My suspicion too is that ‘lady handing him drink’ drink was some pain killing medication.

  3. Peter Binose says:

    I am told its more than his foot or knee that is limp.

    The limp goes back to a foot deformity since childhood. He had an operation in Cuba and has re-occurring problems with it ever since. He is embarrassed that he is not body perfect, so he never mentions the deformity. Being as we know, a liar, because he told us so, he keeps telling silly stories, like slipping in the bathroom [twice] and other such claims. All of which I think are lies. The truth is the Cubans screwed up his foot surgery.

  4. Urlan Alexander says:

    Having a “sore foot” that seems as if it is not going to get better will make you walk with a limp too.

  5. Steve Huggins says:

    You see, THAT is why I believe dem school children who long time ago tell we that EVERARD hah CUCUMBER HEEL.
    So, maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that is the same CUCUMBER HEEL that hutting he so.
    NOW, the communist “call-me-comrade, too” insinuating that he hah ‘hut KNEE’, too?
    Well . . . I can readily conceive where that SUPERSIZE BELLY hanging quite down to he ankle would also hut-up he ankle. So, maybe … IT’S A LOT OF DEAD-WEIGHT TO CARRY all over the place.
    But, we still haven’t been assured that it wasn’t the CUCUMBER HEEL thaat he actually went to fix in BIMSHIRE the odor day WHEN HE CLAIMed that he had some malignant boil on the back-side. Am sure that fellow graduate Ken John would join me in solicitously wondering if the persistant boil on the backside really needed to be lanced then, and if THAT ALLEGED PROBLEM WAS REALLY FIXED.
    OR, was it really the CUCUMBER HEEL?
    Remember when he claimed thaat he needed to go to COMMUNIST CUBA soon after that fore-day marning vehicle accident with the banana truck? He was treated at the Kingstown General Hospital [RMCMH], BUT unpatriotically announced that he needed to go to HIS COMMUNIST CUBA for further or advanced treatment. RMCMH wasn’t good enough, after all. To all appearances.
    Well, that got the Kingstown General workers and staff into AN APOPLECTIC FRENZY OF RAGE! how could this political ingriate insult us – – – JUST SO!
    The COMMUNIST MASTERS had more clout and the mendecant ideological messenger-boy had to do his regular reporting to communistic base HEADQUATERS. So, copycat went to RACIST SLAVE-STATE cuba, still.
    After the COMMUNIST INSTRUCTIONS in castroite cuba, the CUCUMBER HEEL returned to SVG and confessed to us that HE HAD A BIRTH DEFECT which he had ALSO taken care of in his COMMUNIST REFUGE. Or, so the story goes.
    Could it be that SELF-SAME “Cucumber Heel” which has been repeatedly acting up . . . in BARBADOS [some wag remarked that he had never intended going on in any further trip then, than to the Bimshire hospitals to fix the Cuban ting] – – – – recently with the SPRAINED ANKLE Cut Foot excuse – – – AND NOW AGAIN WITH THE ‘HURT’ KNEE complain . . .? That’s what I really glean from the various news stories.
    Is it REALLY the Cucumber Heel, Doc?
    DID the incompetent IDEOLOGUES IN THE COMMUNIST CUBAN hospitals BOTCH the SURGERY on the Cucumber HEEL, or is the CUCUMBER HEEL THAT FAR GONE???
    Many of the cadres are firmly convinced that the COMMUNIST DOCTORS TOTALLY MESSED UP THEIR SURGERIES ON HUGO CHAVEZ, you know.
    IRONICALLY, I had to pooh-pooh the rabid ideological fanatic Hugo’s conspiracy theory when he suggested to you and other COMMUNIST IDEOLOGUES in the Caribbean region that maybe the USA’s CIA was behind your widespread medical issues and diseases, and that of the other COMMIUNISTIC NUT-JOBS in the Caribbean and Latin American regions. Chavez’s sorry plight was primarily brought on by his foolish lifestyle and personal [even dietary] greed, but NOBODY around him and among his supposed friends could dare venture to tell him so. The communist butchers just merely unintentionally finished the job, due no doubt to political incompetence. Ideology and professionalism, especially medical proficiency, never did adequately mix.
    I have had reason, anyhow, to have warned the COPY CAT COMRADE’s neophytes, cronies and acolytes, to be more solicitous of his health, and to exercise the cohones and spine enough to properly counsel him on his health. I could see early signs even back then, well well before the vehicular accident excuse. And, I wasn’t even highlighting the CUCUMBER HEEL back then. A la dem school pickme dem.
    Another ting that man noted to dem political partisans and yes-men was that dey leader needed to be more cautious in his alleged dealings with a certain gender. Their reparte was “so what if the comrade like women”? I don’t even think the frenches domestic servant thing was being wrongly rumoured about den. I didn’t believe it for a moment. When I challenged it, dey told me “dem school children again!” I was correct, for I did not believe it for a moment. It’s sooo good to be sceptical, usually.
    Regretably, proper procedures doesn’t seem to be in place where the occasion arises where our prime minister could be so foolishly, inadvisedly left ALONE (?) with a female visitor/guest/interviewer, CONTRARY TO PROTOCOL, and left helplessly open to accusations of improper behaviour, even illegal. Other, quite similar instances apparently occured. Five made The LOS ANGELES TIMES, then quoting our SVG Director of Public Prosecutions.
    I have had occassion to interview and keep appointments with a Cabinet Secretary in the distant past, and, believe me, he was thoroughly chaperoned and otherwise administratively attended.
    Indeed, the WIKI LEAKS reports, if they are to be believed, made some mention of the DPP apparently giving his side of the story, right or wrong, to our Uncle SAM diplomats.
    My problem is with the likely damage to the record and image of this tourism- and- developmental aid- dependent country. For, always, in all cases, JUSTICE MUST NOT ONLY BE DONE, BUT BE SEEN TO BE DONE. This unhappy interlude in our State’s diminished history is hopefully in the past, ALONE. No more scandals, guys, false or not. NO MAS. Just simply put procedures, SOP, and enlightened protocol in place to AVOID ANY RECURRENCES AS SUCH. Avoid any compromising situations, and avoid even every appearance of evil or wrong-doing.
    Let us uplift and enhanced our much-heralded ‘Caribbean Civilization’. St.Vincent and the Grenadines could well do with a bit of such upliftment and enhancement.
    Yet, the matter of gravest concern remaining is dat pesky Cucumber Heel.
    It is most simplistically begging the question to distractively, delusionally, say:”You see how I come down there perfectly okay?”
    SELF-RECOMMENDATION, I dare remind, is NO RECOMMENDATION at all. “My health is fine” – – – doesn’t quite pass muster, in the light of persistent, repeated, crescendoing health problems. Or, are all these health issues being deviously blamed to take attention off a cucumber heel?
    Did the Cuban Communists botch a certain comrade’s Cucumber Heel, also?
    Were dem school-children in SVG correct yet again?
    Da bothersome, life-long CUCUMBER HEEL !

    Is it really true? Does the man hah cucumber heel in truth?

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