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Firefighters use hoses to wash dust from Bay Street, Kingstown late Monday afternoon.  (IWN photo)
Firefighters use hoses to wash dust from Bay Street, Kingstown late Monday afternoon. (IWN photo)
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Firefighters were late Monday afternoon hosing down Kingstown to rid the city of dust after the floods on Saturday.

Some vendors complained to I-Witness News that the Kingstown Town Board had not washed down the streets, pavements and sidewalks, after the Sanitation Department on Saturday cleared the city of silt, muck, and other debris deposited by the floods.

Vendors were using surgical mask, clothing and other articles to cover their mouths and noses, and pedestrians were doing the same to protect themselves from the dust on Monday.

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One vendor in Middle Street told I-Witness News around 8:45 a.m. Monday that she had paid to have water brought so that she can wash away mud from the area where she sells, and vendors were seen using buckets of water and hoses trying to clean various areas of the city.

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I-Witness News was unsuccessful in its repeated attempts on Monday to reach Warden of the Kingstown Town Board, Carl Williams, but a staff member there told I-Witness News that the cleaning of the city was the responsibility of the Sanitation Department.

I-Witness News understand that firefighters began hosing down the town sometime midmorning Monday.

One reply on “Firefighters hose down dusty Kingstown”

  1. I was there Monday, it was the smell of raw sewage that got me. Policemen in face masks and food vendors still vending food in the sewage dust and they were also wearing face masks.

    The roads should have been hosed down on Sunday and continued right through the night. Unfortunatly we had to wait until Monday because no money available for overtime..

    This dust and sewage dirt is a serious health hazard, made worse by a bankrupt government.

    By the way none of the medical clinics have saline drip fluid to treat urgent chickungunya sufferers, or any other condition requiring serious rehydration.

    We are in trouble, how lucky you in the Diaspora are, you pull the strings and we suffer the consequences, your continuing support of this Marxist scum regime is piling misery on Vincentians at home.

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