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The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not represent the opinions or editorial position of I-Witness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

In late 2009, some strange financial transactions captured the public’s interest. It is alleged that a member of the ULP took a bag containing US$1 million dollars in cash into the National Commercial Bank and asked them to exchange it for EC dollars. It is further alleged that the individual was later that day asked to come and collect the US dollars because the bank refused to carry out the transaction.

It is alleged that very shortly thereafter, certain ULP members and members of Prime Minister Gonsalves’ family and ULP colleagues converted quantities of US dollars to EC Dollars at the NCB.

There are plenty of news stories about these matters, as a search of the Internet will show.

Then it was later alleged that one million in US cash was taken to the NCB bank and put into the government treasury account.   We have never been informed if this was the same US$ 1 million in cash or was another US$1 million in cash.

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Now, despite questions being asked about these alleged transactions, there has never, to my knowledge, been what I would call a credible explanation, or even any explanation at all to some of the matters referred to.

To be fair, you should read this article: ‘Nothing wrong’ in Gonsalves’ family, bank dealings


“There was nothing wrong with members of the prime minister’s family and high ranking officials of his party selling thousands of US dollars to the state bank in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) over the last month.

“That was the word from the country’s Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves to reporters this week.

“Nothing wrong has been done! Nothing!” Gonsalves said.

“The institutions are working. The National Commercial Bank [NCB], they have a fine leadership … and I expect that they will conduct their business within the framework of the law,” Gonsalves said.

A flickr account displayed sections of documents purported to show the sale of US Dollars transactions to the NCB by members of Gonsalves’ family, including his Wife Eloise Gonsalves, daughter Isis Gonsalves and his son Storm Gonsalves.

The document also recorded transaction allegedly made by other high ranking members of Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party (ULP), including president of Unity Youth Rosette Bennet and then senator, Saboto Ceasar.

I ask, has there been, or was there an investigation into these matters?  I am personally unaware there has never been a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) investigation, or any police investigation.  Grenvile Williams, director of the FIU should be aware that this matter must be investigated or re-investigated at some time in the future, under his watch or under another watch.

Please look at the FIU website:

So once again sir, Mr. Prime Minister Gonsalves, where did the US$1 million in cash come from, if it was public donations to the ULP, prove it is so. How did it get to SVG? Was it declared to Customs?  Was it reported to the FIU as is a legal requirement? Was it reported to the police? I must ask these questions because if you or I bring $10,000 in cash through the airport without proper paperwork, etc., they would call the FIU and the police on you, and the money would be confiscated.

If you don’t want to deal with me, a person whom you describe as an Internet crazy, deal with people who you should have dealt with a long time ago.  Mr. Arnhim Eustace of the NDP, who is a financial wizard, show him now the audit reports regarding these US dollars.

If proper answers are not forthcoming I reserve the right to contact all international agencies and discuss the matter with them.   I will also send a letter out to the Commonwealth Office, the US State Department, all international and regional newspapers, and to every embassy in the Caribbean.

Peter Binose 

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

9 replies on “An open letter to the Gov’t of SVG about accounting for US$M”

  1. NANTON, I know that the truth is annoying, also that the truth hurts those who have something to hide.

    So stop being a silly twerp and try and behave yourself, try and learn right from wrong.

    Wrong can never be right and I only ever write what I believe to be true.

    Being sick and being upset when the truth is exposed are two different things.

  2. “If proper answers are not forthcoming I reserve the right to contact all international agencies and discuss the matter with them. I will also send a letter out to the Commonwealth Office, the US State Department, all international and regional newspapers, and to every embassy in the Caribbean.” Peter Binose, There is a name for people like you, and it is called “uncle tom.” You uncle tom, you!

  3. ALIEN, you are yet another who clearly doesn’t know right from wrong. Is being an Uncle Tom like being an old planation nigger in a rocking chair? Do you think that is very nice?

    Its the sort of comment I would expect from the Goss Mountain Monster.

  4. James the lion monroe says:

    Peter, why do they call you an uncle tom when you,re trying to expose wrong doing. That person should be ashamed to use such a word…..when in reality, svg has a population of 80% Blacks and has a portugese decendant ruling and treating african decents like sh..t. Oh come on!!!

  5. Don’t worry Peter we are going to get the answers sooner than later. They are scared as hell to lose this election because we are going to have a handcuff revolution. I can’t stop laughing at these guys. The PM begging Vincentians in New York Via phone to convince there families here to vote for him one last time, the man sound like he wanted to cry. I never imagine I would hear The man beg for votes.

    I can’t wait. I am just waiting for the day, i will personally escort them up to the big house for free.


  6. Your concern is based on race which in theses time is unacceptable. If the Portuguese slave driver is much accepted by the slaves there’s nothing you can say or do to convince the slaves to fight for abolishion.This article had been written several times before, so if Peter is trying to gain strides he have to come with something fresh.

  7. James the lion monroe says:

    non political, if my concern is unacceptale, then our pm should realize that he made an issue of race by calling anesia baptise a dry head gal, plus all the countless insults he’s attributed to eustace, and what bugsme, no one has the tamarity to call him out on his offences. as a vincentian of color.. this is highly offensive to all of us. being a head of state he has to realize that his words has consequences and if he wants to stay in power, he need to show vincentians respect…after all these are not the days of colonization where the few rule the many.for years I was one of his biggest supporters, until all of the corruption that i’ve seen in svg, it makes me sad. thank you for your imput

  8. When it comes to a corrupt goevernment, this one does take the biscuit!

    What gets me though is why are Vincentians so complacent? Why do we not question their government? It’s as though we have all gone to sleep. When are we, as a nation, going to realise that the Government of our Country are elected to serve us. They are there to make decisions and run the country on our, and our childrens’, behalf.

    The first hurdle in our progress is that we are still a nation where we are rewarded for, or victimised against, depending on which political party is in power. We are the ones with the power to stop this. We need to stop thinking as individuals and start thinking as a country. Look out for our fellow countrymen. We should be living in a democratic country where we are free to express our vote based on whom we think will best represent us and our beliefs. We shouldn’t then have to live in fear of persecution if the party we support does not win.

    We should now be calling on our ‘Leaders’ to stop the dirty politics. As much as I try not to single out a particular party or Leader, our current Prime Minister has a lot to answer for. Anytime he is questioned about a political action he resorts to branding the questioner as crazy! If something that he said is challenged, instead of being a ‘Leader’ and anser the charge put to him, he dismisses the questions with some flimsy answer and imply that the person must be a supporter of the opposition.

    Why? Why must it be that way. I have agreed with some of the Prime Ministers policies before but lately all te allegations and his blatant disregard and lack of respect in the way he treats and addresses Vincentians does leave a lot t be desired. But, saying that, he is not entirely to be blamed. When he makes a derogatory comment about another person, his supporters cheer and run with it; Why? Are we that ignorant? Can we not move on from the past years where we look out for our counrty instead of looking our for a political party.

    I know this is a bit off tandem but when I read stories like this it does make me so angry at the way that Vincentians just sit back and allow every, and any, thing to be done to them.

    I think that the write is correct in asking for an explanation of with regards to the money. The Prime Minister, as the Leader of our country, should provide an answer. Don’t just dismiss it. It could be that it could be easily clarified; if so, just do it. You are treating us with contempt in your refusal to provide an explanation and address the issue. Are we, as Vincentians, to low to ask you to provide answers to your (or those in your Cabinet) actions.

    Lastly, the other thing I would say to commentors on here: Don’t always assume that because we questions our Government’s actions we are actions we are against them. I have no idea who Peter Binose is and maybe he a supporter of another party, that’s his choice. Instead of attacking the person, read what they are saying, or asking, and respond to what they have written.

    Thank you for your time!

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