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Former registrar of the High Court, Vanessa Tamara Gibson-Marks. (iWN file photo)
Former registrar of the High Court, Vanessa Tamara Gibson-Marks. (iWN file photo)
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Former registrar of the High Court, Vanessa Tamara-Gibson-Marks will be sentenced on Friday, having pleaded guilty on Tuesday to theft of EC$21,925, and the abuse of authority in office as Registrar of the High Court.

Director of Public Prosecution Colin Williams discontinued the other charge — that “on May 7th, 2014 in Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines being a person employed in the public service who being authorized to give a certificate touching any matter by virtue whereof the rights of any person may be prejudicially affected did give a certificate which was to your knowledge false in a material particular to wit an order claim 96/1980”.

Gibson-Marks had pleaded not guilty to all charges and was granted bail with one surety when she appeared in court on Aug. 21, three months after Attorney-General Judith Jones-Morgan asked her to resign.

She had appeared in court less than 24 hours after returning to St. Vincent for the first time since she left about 90 minutes after her resignation.

There have been reports that some EC$300,000 from an account that Gibson-Marks held in trust was unaccounted for.

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Reports say that some EC$130,000 was deposited into the account after Gibson-Marks’ resignation.

Gibson-Marks is a St. Lucia born lawyer, who is married to former Unity Labour Party senator, lawyer Ronald “Ronnie” Marks.

14 replies on “Former registrar Tamara Gibson Marks pleads guilty to theft charge”

  1. Own the Party, own the Jobs, own the Government, own the decision makers, and own the Judiciary. From a criminal charge, to that of a smack on the wrist charge.

  2. This case proves beyond doubt that there is a dual system of criminal justice in SVG: one for the high-and-mighty with connections to the power elite and one for the rest of us.

  3. What kind of judicial system are we running in SVG? First, some $300,000 was missing, then an amount of $130,000 was repaid; then the PM claimed […] money was repaid; then she was charged with theft of $21,925; She said before she was not guilty then she now admits to thiefing the money. Will she be checking in at Fort Charlotte Hotel or the bed & Breakfast Motel behind the Court House? A warning to all people- do try to live within your means; don’t hang your hat where you hand can’t reach.

  4. Kenton, why are you refusing to publish my comments? I have not mentioned anything that is defamatory to anyone nor are my comments long. What are you reasons for this?

  5. This was simply done to pacify the public. It is clear that something is wrong here but we as vincentians only talk.

  6. And does anyone really think the wife of a ULP senator will ever see the inside of a jail cell, I will wager every penny I have that she doesn’t.

  7. For a Major Larceny crime why could only a petty larceny stick for this woman? I guess only poor people pickerny can go trim grass? Wasn’t some 300K missing?

  8. The next vincy to go to jail for petty theft should make sure their lawyer get them the Tamara Gibson punishment. Basically a slap on the wrist, cause how someone can steal from the public purse and not go to jail is beyond reason.
    The Govt of svg is shameful, and they not even trying to hide it.

    1. And what is the sentence? I read the report three times and nowhere does it state the punishment. You are getting ahead of yourself.

  9. Well well. Ms Lady sure looking nice and dressed up and comfortable going to her trial. It’s almost like she is going to a movie premier on the Hollwood red carpet. But she would have to make do with one of our shows instead. What kind of show you might ask? A “Pappi Show” that is what she and the rest of us are watching here.

    Sometimes I just have to laugh at how my country have become, their are many people who can’t even watch themselves in the mirror anymore, because I am sure their reflection would slap them for being so stupid. This lady stole money and every Monday morning the amount she stole keeps going down, next thing you know we might be arguing if it’s a hapeney or a penny she stole.

    I have never seen such a big bunch of people to face jail time when the government changes, Lol muddwawuk, No easy thiefing happen in Vincy these days eh. Don’t worry man keep thiefing, no body coming that was just the wind blowing.


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