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Protesters display a large banner during a rally to support press freedom in Hong Kong. (Photo: Philippe Lopez via AFP/Getty Images)
Protesters display a large banner during a rally to support press freedom in Hong Kong. (Photo: Philippe Lopez via AFP/Getty Images)

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The News ran an article on Oct. 3, 2014 entitled “Hong Kong protests for democratic reforms”. Taiwan has been watching closely the development of the event in Hong Kong because of the cultural and geographical proximity. The government and people of Taiwan are of the position that the demands of Hong Kong people for democracy and universal suffrage are legitimate.

We hope that the mainland China and Hong Kong authorities can engage with the protestors through rational and peaceful dialogues and we also believe that Hong Kong’s long history of freedom and rule of law will guide this episode to a peaceful conclusion.

As freedom and democracy are universal values, we calls on people around the world to stand with the people of Hong Kong in their quest for universal suffrage.

Baushuan Ger 

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 Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)


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2 replies on “The world should support Hong Kong’s quest for universal suffrage”

  1. The Hong Kong people were promised at the time they became Chinese again that they would always have in the future such voting rights. The Chinese government have renaiged on their promise and undertakings to the Honk Konk people.

    It’s not as if this voting thing has just been sprung on China, it was the original agreement.

    I believe unless the Chinese keep their promises we should stop buying their products. We should make that know to them.

    The mainland is a different kettle of fish, I do not believe full democratisation would work there. It’s such a large place to control. It may be a better idea to split it up into several separate states. Then let them all fight each other, instead of the rest of the world.

  2. Hong Kong and Taiwan have been part of Greater China for thousands of years. There is no separate Taiwanese or Hong Kongese language, culture, or ethnicity.

    As there is only one Chinese people, there should be only one Chinese polity and one one Chinese rule of law.

    “One China, Two Systems” will soon been replaced by “One China, One System” as capitalism becomes more entrenched on the mainland and the Chinese Communist Party is tossed into the dustbin of history.

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