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FLOW wifi

Corey Garrett of FLOW, right and restaurateur, Leonette Anderson testing a new FLOW hot spot after installation.

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Columbus Communications St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ltd. (FLOW) has embarked on a venture of creating several local Internet hotspots around SVG at various locations — including bars, restaurants and a fitness facility.

FLOW already provides broadband access to many in local communities via Government and NGO facilitated Wi-Fi enabled projects and also by the sole undertakings of FLOW.

The company FLOW has now decided to enable some of the most popular and well-known establishments and entities in St. Vincent with free Wi-Fi access for its customers.

These locations around are enabled with the Flow 100 Mbps super-fast broadband Wi-Fi access.

Corey Garrett, marketing and communications manager for FLOW in St. Vincent said similar access points at other locations are still being finalised, but the overall goal and mission of Columbus and Flow is to “enable residents of SVG, even when away from their homes.

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“Technology and connectivity are now an everyday part of life. It seems everywhere we go no matter what activity, whether it be dinner, a ‘lime’ or whilst keeping fit, there is some application we use which requires the best and most reliable broadband access to upload, download or update. Hence, for those constantly on the go the natural synergy therefore would be to give access points via the fastest and most hi-tech broadband at the most popular and frequented spots,” Garrett said.