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The Traffic Branch of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and by extension the Ministry of National Security are deeply concerned about the spate of recklessness exhibited by motorists on our roads in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Police Public Relations Department said on Wednesday.

“Incidents of reckless driving have become too prevalent among minibus operators and other drivers. The police are therefore alerting the general public that an operation to address and minimise these acts will be launched soon, throughout the state,” police said in statement.

Police said motorists, who are committing such acts will be severely prosecuted in keeping with the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, with disqualifications imposed where applicable.

“Other areas which will be given attention include the playing of loud music and transporting of excess passengers.

“The assistance and cooperation of the general public are solicited in making the operation a success, the main aim being to make our roads safe for all road users.

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“The travelling public is reminded that road safety is not the concern and responsibility of the police only, but requires the commitment of all road users,” police said.

3 replies on “Police to clamp down on recklessness on St. Vincent’s roads”

  1. So where is the plan to inform drivers and passengers about these new road rules and how to avoid being on the wrong side of the law? I have been complaining for years about vans speeding through village and town streets and some action is long overdue. How would a driver know the speed limit if it’s not posted. Then are there radars to detect the speed a vehicle is travelling?
    Talk is cheap and this is what I am seeing here, because there have to be resources to implement this police crackdown. Any wise and honest magistrate or judge will throw out many of these traffic cases; with little or no credible proof that an offence was committed. It’s unfortunate that this government is not more proactive. It reacts to situations only after people have lost their lives.

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