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King Collingford Mattis2

Police look on as a physician examines the body of King Collingford Mattis outside his house in Vermont on Saturday. (WN photo)

Police are investigating the death of King Collingford Mattis, age unknown, whose semi-nude, bloody body was found in his yard in Green Hill/Pepper Village, Vermont early Saturday morning.

Mattis’ body was clad only in what appeared to be white underpants and was lying next to his vehicle.

His relatives say he has what appears to be multiple stab wounds.

Villagers were shocked by the death of Mattis, who they described as very easy-going and helpful to community members.

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Onlookers Outside The Police Cordon In Vermont. (Iwn Photo) onlookers outside the police cordon in vermont. (iwn photo)
Homicide Detectives Arrive At The Scene In Vermont On Saturday. (Iwn Photo)
Homicide detectives arrive at the scene in vermont on saturday. (iwn photo)
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2 replies on “Bloody, semi-nude body of Vermont man found in his yard”

  1. Omg, what has my once peaceful country coming too, one too many murders, my condolences to the family

  2. Sadly, history will show that this part of SVG has the most unsolved murders. The way he is dressed, without much details of whether house or vehicle was broken into, he may have been awoken by and chasing or running from an unwanted intruder, unless that’s his usual way of dress in his yard. Somebody somewhere must have heard something, no one receives stabs quietly. Is there blood inside?, are items missing from the house?, any broken windows or doors?.

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