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Carlos James, ULP candidate for North Leeward. (IWN photo)
Carlos James, ULP candidate for North Leeward. (IWN photo)
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The Unity Labour Party’s candidate for North Leeward, Carlos James says the tragic death of two constituents last weekend “has brought a dark cloud over” the constituency.

Shardine Johnson of Chateaubelair died last Sunday after being chopped by her ex-boyfriend, Keno “Choice” Franklyn, who also died later that day, reportedly after consuming a poisonous substance.


“Although this tragic incident has brought a dark cloud over the constituency of North Leeward, we remain strong and resolute in our quest for peace, unity and healing as a constituency and as a nation,” James said in a statement.

“The people of North Leeward are filled with an abundance of love, which is evident from the support and camaraderie we saw in the December 2013 floods. As North Leeward mourns, let us remember: ‘One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others … by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion’,” James said.

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