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The deceased, 15-year-old Moesha Primus. (Photo: Facebook)
The deceased, 15-year-old Moesha Primus. (Photo: Facebook)
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Fifteen-year-old secondary school student Moesha Primus died Thursday night after being stabbed, allegedly by a female Grade 6  student of Lowmans Leeward Anglican School, said to be 12-year-old.

The stabbing occurred between 5 and 6 p.m. Thursday in Lowmans Leeward, just outside Primus’ home.

Primus was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) after the stabbing.

Moesha Primus' mother, Erla Spencer, centre, is consoled outside the hospital Thursday night. (IWN photo)
Moesha Primus’ mother, Erla Spencer, centre, is consoled outside the hospital Thursday night. (IWN photo)

It was not immediately clear whether she died in hospital or on the way there.

“I am devastated,” Bernadette Slater-Peters, principal of the Intermediate Secondary School, where Primus was a Form 2 student, told I-Witness News after leaving MCMH around 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

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Outside the hospital, relatives and friends of Primus’ mother, Erla Spencer, attempted to console the grieving mother who lamented the fact that she had lost two of her children a few years apart.

Spencer’s son, Dominic Spencer, then 17 years old, committed suicide outside their home in Redemption Sharpes in September 2012.

Police at the scene of the stabbing in Lowmans Thursday night. (IWN photo)
Police at the scene of the stabbing in Lowmans Thursday night. (IWN photo)

Maxwell Scott, an elderly man who is one of Primus’ neighbours, told I-Witness News that he heard two persons engaged in an argument sometime after 5 p.m.

Scott said that the student who is accused of the stabbing, who other villagers say lives in Great House, another area in Lowmans, was in the street.

Primus was in the patio of the top floor of their two-storey home.

“They were exchanging words — dirty words — on both sides,” Scott told I-Witness News.

He, however, said he did not know what started the verbal exchange.

“And the one upstairs came down and stood up in front the one in the road. So it seems as if an assault went on there and there was a little scuffling between the two of them.

“Then I heard one say, ‘But you know the girl stab me!’

“Then they had their little talk. Another one came from upstairs and wrestled with the girl to take away the knife from the one how is accused of the stabbing.

“From that, I don’t know much of what happened.

“All I say the girl drifted and went down. When she got up back, she fell. A truck came up and they probably stopped the truck then they put her in and took her to the hospital,” he said.

Persons gather outside the Accident and Emergency Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where Primus was taken after the stabbing. (IWN photo)
Persons gather outside the Accident and Emergency Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where Primus was taken after the stabbing. (IWN photo)

The death comes a few days after a video surfaced on Facebook showing a fight among students in a community just outside Kingstown in which a male student is seen chasing a female student with what appears to be a piece of wood.

When asked how he feels about Thursday’s development, Scott, who has lived in Lowmans since 1981, told I-Witness News:

“I feel that these last few years what really happen is as if these children have no control whatsoever.

“Some of them walk with knives about the street. I would blame the parents for these kinds of situations, because sometimes people tell the parents what is going on and it as if none of them believe that they are wrong. Or they never make any kind of settlement. They don’t’ make settlement with children,” Scott said in a general commentary about the behaviour of some parents and children.

“That’s how it come to these ends,” he told I-Witness News.

“They seem to have this almost like gang-style. No one rebukes the other, and that is the toughest thing.

Villagers say that the stabbing may have been a spillover from an earlier disagreement between the two girls.

11 replies on “15-y-o student dies after being stabbed, allegedly by primary school girl”

  1. Pastor Jerome Gregg says:

    Deepest Sympathy is extended to the family of the late


    We Share your loss and we are thinking of you and would like to be there for you. We send caring thoughts, heartfelt sympathy and prayers as you grieve.

    Our deepest sympathies are with the family at this time of great loss. As you go through this time of sorrow may your faith in God sustain you; bring comfort to you today and courage for tomorrow. God is able to keep all that you have committed to Him. May you always have that assurance. Let God be your source of strength, for His grace is sufficient.

    May the love of your dear one remain in your heart and the memories you hold of all her special ways be a comfort to you. May God help you during these difficult times. Hold on to God’s unchanging hand, He holds all our tomorrows. May the God of love give you peace and may the love of friends help to comfort you at this time.

    Love in CHRIST!

    Pastor Dr. Jerome Gregg-Jesus Restoration Ministries Toronto, Canada.

    1. Interestingly no one got involved until the 15 year old cried out that she was stabbed. I know of an 8 year old little girl who is currently being bullied in school by the boy who sits behind her in class. Today he got two older boys to help push her around at lunch time. She told her teacher who, as usual, did nothing. When it started happening again she started to defend herself. It should never come to that. We also have another student here (Barbados) who is 15 years old. His mother recently died, and a bully started to tease him relentlessly every day. The 15 yr old orphan took a gun to school and is now expelled. Sometimes children are being bullied and only get noticed when they retaliate. Then they are punished. I don’t know if bullying and retaliation are the issue with these 2 girls, but those who heard them cursing should not have allowed it to escalate.

  2. My condolences to the family of Moesha Primus..

    Parents plz take heed. This is a result of how we raise our kids. Let us train them to settle their differences in a peaceful manner and not through violence. Not only have we lost a 15 yr old but we have also lost a 12 yr old. What is going to happen to her? Do our legal system have the necessary facilities to house this child for the crime she has committed? What will her future hold with the scar of this incident hanging over her? Both families have lost each in their own way. Could this incident have been avoided? I would say yes, if witnesses could give account on the entire episode why didn’t they rebuke the girls went they were exchanging words? When one confronted the other downstairs, why didn’t they intervene? These are kids who need our guidance, yet we stood idly by and not correct their wrong behaviour. For this, we too have failed these girls and contributed to the end result. Parents, adults lets not encourage our young kids to hit back, fight back, curse back etc their peers in their early stages of life. Its these bad qualities that stick with the kids and grow with them thus resulting in all the senseless acts of violence.

  3. Patrick Ferrari says:

    I am appalled. A murder and a suicide in one go,

    No parent deserves this and I am so sorry for all four parents, siblings and relatives.

    As sorry and sad as I am, I must ask: where did the murderer find that “solution?” Where did it – and the knife – come from?

    1. Patrick, when hatred, spite and malace is part of the ULP political model, it must eventuall overspill into the general populace.

      So yes we must blaim the government, just as if they themselves killed this little girl.

      1. C. ben-David says:

        You have it ass backwards, Peter, with this nasty claim.

        Start with the home, start with the people, start with family and community life. All this was here long before the Comrade was ever elected to office and it will continue long after he leaves office.

        Are you going to blame the ULP for similar murders in Trinidad or Jamaica?

  4. petergriffin says:

    My condolences to the relative and friends of both the deceased and the perpetrator.Watch a sad day in our once blessed and peaceful country.We all need to come together to deal with this crime and moral decay situation in our country.Maybe it is high time for a televised nation wide address to the country by both Ralph Gonsalves and Arnhim Eaustace but then again this might make Eaustace look prime ministerial.Maybe it is time to debate the social and spiritual redemption charter but then again this might make the NDP look good.I know a lot of ULP excuse makers will say you cant blame the government and I agree to a certain extent however a lot of you should remember that before Ralph became PM he use to blame James Mitchell and Randolph Toussaint for everything that went wrong in this country.

  5. C. ben-David says:

    Want to know why this happened?

    Don’t blindly call it a meaningless, random act.

    Check out the background, values, and life-style of both families.

    Welcome to SVG 2015-style.

    1. Patrick Ferrari says:

      C. ben, hence my questions: where did the murderer find that “solution?” Where did it – and the knife – come from?

      Did the 12-year old murderer go to victim’s house with the weapon? If so, why? What was her intent? Twelve years old notwithstanding.

      One can safely assume it was not with peace in mind. There is a dead body that suggests otherwise.

      1. C. ben-David says:

        Patrick, we all know that this is learned behaviour based on cultural norms. It has become acceptable among a growing fraction of our underclass citizens to deal with conflict using lethal force.

        There are still many poor societies around the world where murder is comparatively and proportionately rare. We used to be one of these societies. Not any longer.

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