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A 4-year-old child is a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital after being shot in Kingstown Saturday night.

Police say a shooting incident occurred as the child was playing with another child near the public bath in Rose Place.

The child received a bullet to her upper right thigh.

Two persons are assisting police with their investigations into the incident.

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2 replies on “4-y-o child shot in Kingstown”

  1. Have mercy on us. Where are all these guns coming from? Something needs to be done about this it’s ridiculous. What happened to being hard on crime and the causes of it Mr Prime Minister? The level that we have crime now in vincy is alarming.

  2. Luther Bonadie says:

    That’s the question being ask in just about every country today.
    There is no quick fix, this is what you get when children are having children, no fathers in the house, mothers yapping on the phone, kids watching anything on tv. no Church, bad schooling,misleading news, and hapless role models.
    Life has changed, when going to jail is gratifying, while school is uncool.
    What is the answer, big USA carnt fix it ,or some say won’t because it’s not a white problem, so others surplus the guns, for the undesirables to kill themselves.
    It depend on how you like your Medicean.

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