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ULP Political Leader, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, and ULP General Secretary, Sen. Julian Francis, two of the trustees for the party's headquarters. (IWN photo0
ULP Political Leader, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, and ULP General Secretary, Sen. Julian Francis, two of the trustees for the party’s headquarters. (IWN photo0

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Four prominent members of the Unity Labour Party have been appointed as trustees for the EC$1.2 million headquarters building that the party recently purchased, 10 years after it began renting it.

“It is very important that the four persons’ names who are the trustees for this property are the four persons who have been at the centre of the formation of the Unity Labour Party,” Gonsalves told the media on Wednesday when it was announced that the party had purchased the building at Murray’s Road for EC$1.2 million.

The ULP resulted from a merger between the St. Vincent Labour Party and the Movement for National Unity in 1994.

The ULP headquarters on Murrays Road, Kingstown.  (IWN photo)
The ULP headquarters on Murray’s Road, Kingstown. (IWN photo)

The trustees for the headquarters building are political leader of the party, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves; long-standing general secretary, Sen. Julian Francis; former party leader, Sir Vincent Beache; and former deputy political leader, Sir Louis Straker.

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Gonsalves said the deed for the property says that the four party officials, including their successors, hold the building in trust for members of the ULP.

The building was partly paid for using monies from a mortgage that Gonsalves and his wife, Eloise, took on their house at Frenches.

“So even though Eloise and I take a mortgage on our property, I don’t own any of this building, I don’t own any of this property, neither Julian, Louis, or Vincent,” Gonsalves said of the headquarters.

“Anytime we go to the great beyond, or if for whatever reason one of us want to demit as a trustee, or the executive of the party wants to put a different trustee, it is up to the party to put a different trustee.

“But I think it is right and proper that those of us who had been the foundation stones we bare the four pillars upon which this great party in its new dispensation was built,” Gonsalves said.

3 replies on “ULP bigwigs are trustees for party’s $1.2m headquarters (+Video)”

  1. Look at that big sack of fat under Ralph’s chin, he looks like a Pelican!

    “What a wonderful bird the Pelican….his beak can hold more than his belly-can.”

  2. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    Diversion alert. Diversion alert.
    Don’t fall for the bait.

    Instead we need to get answers from Gonsalves and his MNU boys about why none of the fraudsters in his administration have not been charged fully in the courts? Why is there so much corruption among the MNU? Why was there never a proper engineering, construction or business plan for the airport? Why is the airport being constructed on an ad hoc, as you go basis? When will we see commercial aircraft landing at Argyle? Why is everything connected to Argyle built so shoddily? How much money has been siphoned from Argyle to build private homes and park monies in banks in Panama? Why has NCB failed? Did the government collect those outstanding NCB loans to friends? Why did your government not properly protect Vincentians deposits with Clico? With your failure to protect Vincentian depositors from Trinidadian financial companies why are you now permitting new Trinidadian financial companies in SVG? How soon will you bankrupt NIS?

    We have hundreds more questions for you. We will not be diverted.

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