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A Campden Park man died on Tuesday after falling from a truck, police have said.

Police say they are investigating a fatal motor vehicle accident involving Larry May, 52, labourer of Campden Park, which occurred about 12:24 p.m. Tuesday at Ratho Mill.

“Reports are that May was riding at the back of motor vehicle T1475 when he allegedly fell off. He sustained injuries about his head and right shoulder. He subsequently died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital,” police said in a statement.

One reply on “Campden Park man dies after falling from vehicle”

  1. Until the traffic unit gets really serious and deal with all these people driving on the roads and making up their own traffic rules as they go along, accidents like this one will continue to happen.
    They pile things on the back of these trucks, making a mountain while overloading the trucks at the same time and on top of that you will see 6, 8 people lying, sitting, or standing on the top of that – whenever I see them, I always say they are disasters waiting to happen, well one happened on Tuesday. The traffic unit needs to stop favouring affections and start to seriously deal with, especially, these mini bus drivers who don’t stop to consider other do not stop to consider that there are other lives besides theirs on the bus and those truck drivers who do stupidness on the back of the trucks.
    I sympathize with the gentleman’s family. They have lost a father, brother, son, cousin, friend, neighbour. May his soul rest in peace. This is an unnecessary death.

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