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Yambou River

Work to divert the Yambou River under the runway of the international airport under construction at Argyle is complete.

About one year after work began on the spanning of the Yambou River, the river is now flowing through the corrugated steel culverts installed for that purpose.

On Thursday, the route was opened to allow the water to flow through the culverts.

Several persons were on hand to witness the event.

Five rows of corrugated steel culverts 1,000 feet long have been installed at the river crossing. The backfilling of these culverts using fluid soil have begun with most of the centre of the culverts been covered.

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Technical Advisor to the IADC Leonardo Perez expects this process to take one month.

Meanwhile, the levelling process to fill up the area where the culverts have been installed at the 191 channel continues and is close to completion.

When completed, the paving crew will be able to continue the asphalting of the runway going across to the 220 or Yambou River channel.

The EC$700 million international airport, the nation’s first, is expected to open this year, seven years after construction began.

It was initially scheduled to open in 2011, but has missed completion deadlines annually since then.

4 replies on “Yambou River diverted under Argyle airport runway”

  1. The corrugated sheets were supposed to be sprayed with bitumen solution before they are covered. Then left to cure and semi harden before backfilling.

    The other lot which have been covered and backfilled were not and neither have these.

    A rather well known man in SVG had a contract to do that, has he been paid?

    Just a question, did they change their minds as to procedure, or tell us what is going on?

  2. Actually, Kenton, Argyle is not “the nation’s first” international airport but the last of many of our airports which can and do receive flights from other nations. The little used Canuoun airport can even handle very large jets from the USA and Europe to service the rest of our country and region. Its underuse is just another sign that Argyle will be stillborn.

    1. C.ben-David , Your Party lost a Golden Opportunity to build an International Airport on the Mainland . Had it done that the cost would have been a lot
      less than Argyle , and there would have been several First Class Hotels in the
      Region .

      The fact that the NDP did not think that an International Airport on the mainland was a necessity , informs me that the NDP lacked Vision & Foresight . As I have stated elsewhere in this Newspaper , The NDP & its Supporters have no right complaining ; because they had an opportunity to build an International Airport , and did nothing . Now this aint a figment of my imagination .

      Essentially , the NDP made life very tough for those of us having to go to Barbados to then take LIAT to come to SVG . The NDP surely knew the hassle and problems those of us who live abroad face , when having to deal with the Troglodytes employed at the LIAT Desk in Barbados .

      They were the epitome of Uncouthness , telling People that the Plane was full
      when that was a blatant Lie . They also used the fact that LIAT had no computer linkage with American Airlines , so Passengers would arrive in Barbados , to find that the Flight numbers were changed , and then possibly
      have to overnight in Barbados .

      On one occasion , while at the Airport in Barbados , during the time when
      Maurice Bishop & Tom Adams were calling each other ” Yard Fowl ” ; the
      Grenadians got the brunt of the disdain from the People working at Liat .
      The People who regularly lime at the Airport in Barbados , to make sure that
      I got on the plane going to SVG , because people who miss the Flights , are then put on Standby . They told me that Liat had a woman from Grenada on Standby for several days .

      The fact that the NDP never considered build an International Airport , demonstrated to me that it did not give a Damn about Vincentians who live abroad . So now that the Argyle International Airport is nearing completion ,
      the NDP & its Supporters are in a Tizzy , with some wishing a Tsunami could come and destroy the Argyle Airport .

      The fact is that when the Argyle Airport is completed , it is going to serve ALL
      Vincentians , so those who opposed the Argyle International Airport need to
      stop Whining about the cost ; and lack of Hotels , Their Party did absolutely nothing .

      1. Veridical, building an International airport was the idea of the NDP, it’s them that had all the studies done in the 1990’s.

        Everyone has always wanted a new airport but the British and the EU said that such an airport would never be self funding after completion; they said the numbers of estimated users could never support such a project.

        As for first class hotels, people who build and operate hotels near airports will never invest at Argyle because the passenger numbers to support such hotels cannot be substantiated, unlike you Veridical they are shrewd people who know precisely what they are doing.

        Veridical unfortunately it is a figment of your imagination, you are obviously a fiscal dunce like the comrade.
        Traveler’s lives have been made tough by the fiscal dunce taking part in choosing a new aircraft fleet that is unsuitable. Why is it so important that we pander to you because you live abroad, that is your choice.

        Blame the comrade regarding LIAT, he has supported them and dissuaded competition on the routes which would bring down prices and polish service to attract flyers. As for planes being full when they are not. Because of wind unsuitability for about 25% of the year these new aircraft cannot fly with a full load of passengers and luggage. Don’t blame Barbados, blame Gonsalves and the ULP.

        Bishop was a scum bag so why bring him into the equation.

        Veridical, building this airport with no master plan and no proper advance funding has made SVG a bankrupt State. It’s all very well you Mr Greedy wanting the convenience of direct flight but the people in SVG are the ones who along with their children, grand children and great grandchildren will be paying off the debt of an aiport that will never make a profit or even break even.

        The people were lied to when we were told that when the airport was completed there would be no debt left for the people to pay. They were told there was group of friendly countries described as a coalition of the willing who would pay and supply everything we needed free. That was all lies none of that had an ounce of truth in it.

        We have lost our national bank because of the airport, everything else in the country has been neglected because of the airport. Fishing industry down the drain. Agriculture down the drain. Industry down the drain. Tourism down the drain. Boat tourism down the drain. Un-drivable roads because of pot holes and general neglect. None of the clinics have medical supplies in them, people are at serious risk, The Kingstown hospital has no drugs, no dressings, often no bed sheets and pillow cases, no medical supplies and protective gloves, disposable cafeters being washed and used on more than one patient. The NIS has had money taken from it and plonked into the airport. Millions borrowed when it was all supposed to be free and funded from land sales in Bequia, lies and more lies. The country is in debt approaching 1.5 billion dollars, and you Veridel are worried about being able to fly direct at our cost, because when your generation and you are dead and gone your children in America, Canada, the UK and such will most likely forget us in SVG. We will still be paying the bill when your rotting in the grave.

        It’s a known fact that the NDP thought about an international airport much more than the ULP, it was their idea and they paid for numerous studies. Your statement about the NDP never considered building an international airport is simply a comradely lie, lies and more lies.

        I am sure that if Gonsalves is flushed away at the next election the airport will be completed by the NDP, there is so much money piled into it so far they will have no choice. It will be at that time that we will be able to get to grips with the massive corruption that has gone on during this project.
        Of course it will be for all Vincentians, it’s all Vincentians that will be paying for the airport for the next 100 years. Certainly not you Veridical with your flight into SVG once a year, which the Vincentian people will be subsidizing.

        On finishing it is most obvious that you are a very ignorant and intellectually dulled man, if you believe that you will be able to get on a plane in any airport in any country and fly direct that is the dream of an idiot. It is most likely you will still have to fly into Barbados most of the time. I know you have been told otherwise but that is just another lie, and you are silly enough to believe it.

        I do not know any Vincentian that would not like an International airport, it’s being able to afford the unaffordable that is worrying most of us.

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