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Former SVG Ambassador to the UN Camillo Gonsalves was arrested outside his office building in 2012. (Internet photo)
Former SVG Ambassador to the UN Camillo Gonsalves was arrested outside his office building in 2012. (Internet photo)
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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sen. Camillo Gonsalves, has accepted the apology of the United States government over his March 28, 2012 arrest in New York when he was St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ ambassador to the United Nations.

“… the UN representative for the United States at the time, who is now also a member of the cabinet of Barack Obama, … she went to his office and she made an apology to Camillo on behalf of the government and he has accepted that and moved on,” Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, Sen. Gonsalves’ father, said in response to a question at his annual town hall meeting in New York on Saturday.

After the incident in 2012, the younger Gonsalves was treated at a hospital in New York for injuries that he sustained when he was arrested by a New York police officer outside of his office building in New York.

He told I-Witness News then that while he did not sustain any broken bones, there was some nerve damage to his left wrist and thumb.

In March 2012, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, met Sen. Gonsalves and expressed regret for the incident on behalf of herself and the U.S. government.

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Kingstown had said that it would explore the possibility of bringing a legal challenge against the NYPD over the incident.

Sen. Gonsalves told a town hall meeting in New York in April 2012 that he was not “particularly optimistic” about the outcome of what was then an expected NYPD internal review of the arrest.

His doubts existed even after Rice informed him that she had persuaded the law enforcement agency to conduct a thorough internal review of the incident.


3 replies on “SVG accepts US apology for arrest of UN Ambassador ”

  1. The boy proved himself to be an idiot, he did something wrong and then compounded by failing to tell the police officer who he was or that he was a diplomat.

    I do not believe a word of this, it is not the way it happens. This is not an apology from the US government, if it happened at all it was a personal regret by the lady, not the government.

    More than likely this is a story invented or misinterpreted by the Gonsalves clan boy to circumvent the topic arising during the run up to the elections.

    1. Peter,
      A mind is a terrible thing to waste Peter, and yours is wasted.
      Hatred and jealous, get you know where my man. You are all stressed about the Gonzalez.
      look, they are better off that you, they are smarter that you ; Look fool, can you go to the UN. and speak ?, can you sit down with President Clinton, or any other leader and speak ?, you are a darm ASS without a noise, just a big ASS, who speak to those other ” donkey cart Vincentians Ass’s “.

  2. These arrogant politicians think they are above the law. Oh, I forgot, Camilio has diplomatic immunity which allows him to behave like an out of control spoiled brat with impunity.

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