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Old people say: “9 days talk.” At least, my grandmother says that. It indicates that we as a people only take interest in a particular subject matter for nine days straight then the outcry diminishes.

Obviously, that cannot be ascribed to everything. It certainly does not for the case of a loss election — not on the side of NDP, which still has no doubt that they won the 2015 election.

While Dr. Gonsalves and his group of surgeons, nurses, receptionists, and happy patients have already turned back up to their day at the clinic, the clerical staff of the NDP are still asking for a sick leave. The Doctor, however, refused to sign off on that request. He sees no sign of symptom to think that these requesting a leave of absence is so ill that they receive a paycheque while they stay on their “sick beds”. Stay home on unpaid leave. Justice.

We are now on a different day, a different month, and a different year than that which the last election took place, but the NDP are still crying for foul play. They might be right. They’re going to court on the matter, and someone will judge the case according to the facts. What will the verdict be?

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In the court of public opinion, (I am the judge) the NDP suffered yet another just defeat and will suffer again in the court battle they initiated just a few weeks ago.

Eustace may argue that public opinion is irrelevant and may cite where they triumphed before the court when the naysayers claimed that they were wasting their time when the ULP administration was trying to increase the number of constituencies in St. Vincent. However, I am led to believe that there was substantial evidence to sway that victory.

This case seems to need a bit of evidence too. Proof that too many people think isn’t in existence. Proof that you refused to present to the public, even if just to stir our emotions and give you support in months to come.

In the court of public opinion, you have the lost the popularity contest (face it, it was never an election between two parties) between you and Ralph Gonsalves, Mr Eustace. In the court of public opinion, these protests aren’t about the love of our country, nor are they about the love of your party. They are about one man’s quest to regain power. The power that the popular vote handed to Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP. Power Sir James gave you a taste of, six months prior. In the court of public opinion, there will be another election very soon, not a general election, though. In the court of public opinion, we believe you will not step down, you will be removed from the helm of the NDP.

Vincentian in the diaspora

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

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