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Vincentian soca artiste Luta is already creating a lot of chatter for Vincy Mas 2016 with his early release of the ragga soca song “Inside Dey”.

Many persons speculated on social media about the meaning of the song, after Luta, whose real name is Rondy McIntosh began posting about it.

The song will be released on radio today. (Listen to it now by playing the video below)

Luta, of “Tight Spot” fame, said he has more in store for Vincy Mas 2016.

“I am looking to do songs that appeal across the board to different demographics. So I have songs that I think the young people would like; songs that the mature — like ‘Inside dey’ is a song across the board. Mature people would really love it because it brings back sweetness to the music, what we Vincies are known for in ragga soca,” McIntosh told iWitness News.

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McIntosh, who returned to competition last year after some years, told iWitness News that he is yet to decide if he will compete this year.

“Last year was all about the fans. So, it all depends on the vibes and the fans and all that because I believe that my mission in the music industry is to really build the industry by bringing young talents into the market because that is what I have been doing over the years.”

Luta said that he had a hand in bringing almost all the top artistes in SVG currently to the fore.

He said that he will continue in that vein and will bring a brand new artiste this year.

“I don’t want to give you the name. He is working on radio, he is a very popular DJ, A radio announcer at well,” Luta told iWitness News. “I want to do a collaboration and bring him on the scene this year,” he said.

One reply on “Luta releases ‘Inside Dey’ for Vincy Mas 2016 (+Video)”

  1. skeckpalmer says:

    Smart move! An early release will have the song out in advance and may probably be in the people’s minds when the time comes.

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