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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.  (iWN file photo)
Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves left St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Sunday for Europe, where he is expected to meet with investors and hold a town hall meeting with Vincentians.

He will first stop in London for talks with a wide range of investors, Elson Crick, communication consultant in the Officer of the Prime Minister, said in a note to the media.

On Tuesday (today), Gonsalves will meet with a number of investors to look at investment and trade opportunities in SVG.

Later today, he will attend the annual House of Lords reception

On Wednesday, he will address the advisory committee of the Caribbean Council on the issue of economic diversification

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On Thursday and Friday, he will be in Italy for meetings with investors

On Sunday, he will host a town hall meeting in High Wycombe

Gonsalves is being accompanies by his wife, Eloise.

He is expected to return to SVG on April 26.

5 replies on “PM to meet with investors in Europe”

  1. Brown Boy USA says:

    Where is the transparency in this government? If you are going on official government business to meet with investors, please for the love of God tell the people what investment proposals are you going to be putting forward to these investors. In that way the people know and will start to prepare themselves for whatever investment opportunities that will be coming there way. What the hell is the secrecy? This is not Gonsalves’ private business for Christ sake! Its the business of SVG. Why do Ralph continue to treat this country as if it is his own personal business and Vincentian just sit there and tek that just so like they don’t give a rat’s ass!

    When enough would be enough, when our country is being sold out to foreigners and our children have hardly any claim to their birth land, while Gonsalves, his family and associates children live in luxury because the investments have been tailored for them to benefit and not so the country? What is going in SVG? My people, it time for this nonsense to stop. It’s right in front of you and still you can’t see what is happening? Look, you follow Gonsalves several years ago because you feel things wasn’t working in the country. Now that he is messing things up for us, well it’s time that you stand up and give him a dose of his own medicine, because he’s now messing up the country. Stand up for your children’s future, if you don’t care about yours.

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