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Man Zangie

With Fire Empress out of the competition, will “Man Zangie” return to SVG’s calypso dominance this year? He has to earn a pick in tonight’ semis. (Photo: Oris Robinson)

The following calypsonians have been selected from the Calypso Preliminaries to compete in the Calypso Semi Finals scheduled for June 24 at Victoria Park, commencing at 8 p.m.

Dynamites Calypso Tent

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  1. Joel ‘Navel String’ Bartholomew
  2. Dennis Bowman
  3. John ‘The Truth’ Dougan
  4. Primadonna ‘Prima Donna’ Bascombe

Graduates Calypso Tent

  1. Chewalee ‘Chewalee’ Johnson
  2. Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar
  3. Glenroy ‘Homey’ Delpesche
  4. Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts
  5. Maxwell “Tajoe” Francis

On Tour Calypso Tent

  1. Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance
  2. Elvis ‘Abby Jah’ Abby
  3. Kenneth ‘Vibrating Scakes’ Alleyne
  4. Robert “Patches” King
  5. Wendell ‘Speeshie’ Goodrich
  6. Ronald ‘Chico B’ Cato


  1. Shaunelle Mc Kenzie
  2. Jerome ‘Parry’ Samuel
  3. Shernelle ‘Skarpyan’ Williams
  4. Ronald ‘Ron B’ Browne
  5. Cleopatra ‘Cleopatra’ Hendrickson
  6. Brian ‘Sprinter’ John
  7. Fitzroy ‘Bro Ebony’ Joseph 


  1. Vivian ‘I Come’ Miller
  2. Carlos David ‘Chang I’ Morgan

These calypsonians are invited to meet with representatives of the CDC and other officials on Monday at the CDC’s Office at 5 p.m.

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