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Learning for Living (L4L) will host SVG’s First Ever Educational Game Show Series called ‘BrainSTORM’! during the upcoming summer period. The event, with its tagline “Study Play Win” promises fun and learning as well as a chance to win exciting prizes, organisers say.

L4L is an educational institution which was established two years ago to provide complementary tuition and student support to secondary school students.

They mainly provide after-school tutoring in the single sciences — chemistry, biology, physics; mathematics and English.

Each summer, the institution aims to provide stimulating learning activities to help minimise “summer learning loss”, and engage students in a positive and purposeful way.

This year they wish to do so through a six-week educational game show series to be held every Monday from July 18 to Aug. 22 (with the exception of Aug. 2) at the Peace Memorial Hall between 5 and 7 p.m.

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Each week, two teams of teenagers will collaborate and prepare for the show by studying and preparing the assigned reading material/activities and selecting their representatives to compete by answering related questions for attractive prizes and rewards. The public will also be exposed to, and engaged in each week’s preparation.

Points will accumulate over the show period and will culminate in a grand finale, around the last weekend before school re-opens. Each week’s show will feature its own special host and a unique game model — Classroom Jeopardy, High School Feud, Celebrity Squares, Wheel of Knowledge, Buzz In and Who Wants to be Extraordinaire.

The shows will be filmed before a live studio audience who will be required to purchase tickets to attend. Each show, along with its preparation and review, will be filmed in reality-television style and shared in weekly episodes via traditional and social media during the weeks to follow and into the new school term.

The series would be launched today, Monday July 11 at the Peace Memorial Hall from 55 and 7 p.m. featuring a taster session of Classroom Jeopardy, guest presentation on the topic Study, Play, Win and Learning For Living’s End of Year Award Ceremony.

Managing Director of Learning For Living, Kimsha Williams, highlights this project as “ground-breaking– spearheading a new era of fun, yet meaningful, technology-fuelled learning here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where the rewards are greater appreciable by a modern generation”.