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A 2-month-old baby died in Vermont Friday night after his mother, said to be in her 30s, reportedly slept on the child.

The mother declined to comment when iWitness News visited her Monday night but confirmed that her baby had in fact died.

Residents of the South Leeward village are asking questions about how the baby actually died.

They are especially concerned since, they say, that the child’s parents were seen in Kingstown and Vermont consuming alcohol on Friday.

Police are investigating.

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5 replies on “Newborn baby dies after mom reportedly slept on him”

  1. I might be unpopular with this question but am asking anyway, why in this day and age, parents are still sleeping in the same bed with new born/infants? It’s a shame that infant ha to die in such a way.

    1. Anita!! Only twopossible things can sticks out (1) Poverty can’t afford cri simple cultural where many does not believe there is a need for cribs and if this is the mindset of the popular, here is an example of why babies should not be sleeping in bed with adults, this happen already in the states , only thing this person was obese not drunk or alleged drunk

      1. In that case, Who is thinking of the safety of these infant children? These people who are becoming pregnant MUST start displaying maturity and responsibility. These young girls in SVG just become pregnant for the sake of becoming pregnant. They don’t think of, especially, the financial aspect of child care and the moral, physical, psychological aspect involved in bring up a child. What are they thinking? Carrying a child in the womb for 9 months only to squeeze it to death in the same bed with you; and we’re you so deep in sleep that you couldn’t hear the child crying something is wrong? I hope that mother get tried for murder.

  2. Won’t put in my pass these Vincentian to be drunk and therefore causing harm to the innocent child… God knows best little one RIP

  3. C. ben-David says:

    If the mother was a rumbo, perhaps the poor pickney was born with FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) in which case the child may be better off in a better place with a better Father Who art in Heaven.

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