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Yacht Attack 3

The injured Frenchman, right, and police in Chateaubelair this week. (IWN photo)

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A French national pulled up anchored and sailed out of Vincentian water after being treated for injuries he sustained during a cutlass attack on board a yacht that was anchored in the Chateaubelair-Richmond area on Tuesday.

The injured man is Andri Khokhlou, captain of the yacht Kitrida.

Coast Guard And The Yacht In Chateaubelair.
Coast guard and the yacht in chateaubelair. (iwn photo)

Reports are that three men used a rowboat to enter his boat during the pre-dawn hours and Khokhlou injured during the ordeal.

An abandoned rowboat was later found in the water off the North Leeward town with a cutlass inside.

Police, Coast Guard Officers And The Captain At The Chateaubelair Harbour.
Police, coast guard officers and the captain at the chateaubelair harbour. (iwn photo)

The visiting yacht man was treated at the Chateaubelair Hospital and released.

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Police are investigating.

In March, Martin Griff, a 49-year-old accountant of Germany, died when unknown assailants attacked him aboard a yacht at Wallilabou, shooting him in the throat.

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  1. I have been preaching about this issue for more than 30 years. I will advise the yacht’s people to stay away from SVG until the government address this horrendous crime issue.

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