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This is a minivan park at Sunrise Supermarket. Disgusting? Yes. But regretfully, par for the course. The park made it difficult for the car on the right to get out; and more difficult for the driver to get in. And if you are a conscious parker, HH329 has occupied two spots. Unless you’re riding a motorsickle. Then you’d park in the handicapped spot. These idiot-drivers are the bane of society; whether they are

driving or parked. As you can see.

Calm yo self? Good advice but a stretch when the advisor himself goes out of his way, albeit unwittingly, to uncalm you. It must take years of dedicated hard work — and lots practice — to get to be this stupid, ignorant and uncaring. Then again, maybe not.

And no; the pedestrian is a pedestrian. He entered the frame by accident; on the click.

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Patrick Ferrari

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