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Popular promoter, photographer and videographer Regis “Splectron” Williams, is claiming that he was tricked by a woman to go into hiding for seven months — a story that he says he would not have believed if it were told to him.

Williams, 47, told iWitness News on Wednesday that in 2014, a woman with whom he was in a relationship was having problems with aq property she and a previous partner, who was in law enforcement, had acquired.

He said that the woman told him that her ex-partner had put a hit on their heads so that he could get the property.

Williams said they filed a report with the police, who told them that was not the case.

He told iWitness News that after that relationship ended, he shared the story with another person with whom he developed a relationship.

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He said that in April this year, his new partner used the story against him, saying that his ex-girlfriend’s ex-partner had again put out a hit on him.

Williams told iWitness News that the woman further told her that her friend from the underworld had kidnapped and sedated the law enforcement agent then later killed and disposed of his body.

But when iWitness News asked him how he could have believed such a story when there were no reports of any law enforcement agent being missing in St. Vincent, Williams said he had been told that national security officials had covered up the situation by saying that the agent had gone overseas on duty.

Williams said that shortly after he was told in April that a second hit had been put out for him, two persons were murdered: one near his apartment in Paul Avenue, and another in Montrose — who was wearing a mask.

He said that the woman claimed that these two persons were sent to execute him, but her friends in the underworld took them out.

Williams said he was “kidnapped” and went into hiding, although the situation, as he described it, sounded more like self-imposed “house arrest”.

“I have to call it kidnapped. I don’t know what else to call it, because she’s fooling me telling me people are trying to kill me,” Williams said.

“Even if I was thinking it was a joke, at this point, seeing these dead bodies, it sinks home that this is not a joke. This is real. So, at this point, I went into hiding.”

Regis “Slectron” Williams. (IWN photo)

Williams said he spent from April to September locked up in his apartment in Paul Avenue then moved to Murrays Village from September to December, when he realised that the story he claimed was told to him was not true.

He said he waited 17 years for his daughter to graduate, he decided not to attend because of the “fake story” that he said had been told to him that he could be killed if he had gone outside.

When pressed by iWitness News, Williams said he never reported the situation to the police because they laughed at the first report he had made that a law enforcement agent had put a hit out on him.

“Going to the police itself is a fear. And knowing that they are not going to do anything about it, so to risk my life to go to the police for them to do nothing about it is a waste of my time. So, for months, I am there locked up in a house.”

Williams said that the woman took away his phone and told him that if he uses it, people can track him down.

“So phone went out the door. She told me to keep off Facebook because persons can trace me and track me on Facebook.”

He also told iWitness News that the woman had access to his Facebook page and would use it as she wished. He claimed that the woman “conned” people by impersonating him and borrowing money from them.

But while Williams claimed that he went into hiding in April and was denied access to Facebook, he contacted iWitness News on June 18 to request that we write a story about his daughter giving chase to someone who had snatched her mobile device in Kingstown Park.

He wanted to warn persons not to endanger themselves in such a way.

Father warns parents after masked man snatches child’s tablet computer

In the conversation, he did say that he did not have a phone “at the moment”, adding the interview had to take place via Facebook messenger.

In the conversation, which began at 8:31 p.m. and ended at 9 p.m., Williams volunteered that he couldn’t say where his daughter — a minor — lives “for security reasons”.

When iWitness News noted to Williams that he had used Facebook to contact us about the incident involving his daughter, he said:

“Well, that one, I couldn’t keep off Facebook, because my daughter was a bit reckless.”

On July 7, Williams again contacted iWitness News requesting footage for a video he said he said his daughter was doing for an artiste.

Williams said the woman told people he was ill and overseas.

“So that word just spread all about the place that Splectron gone overseas, Splectron sick, Splectron gone for treatment, Selection had caner, he gone to check his prostrate, all kind of story; so everybody of the impression I’m overseas.”

He, however, said he never went overseas during that period.

Williams claimed that the woman ran his business into the ground and used his account to obtain money from persons.

“If somebody were to tell me about it, I would say it sounds very stupid, it sounds very unbelievable,” he told iWitness News of the story he relayed to us.

“But, for me, the seven months going through it, it was very real. Every day you get up, you do not know if you are going to live through it because of the fear you are living in because somebody can come by the window and just shoot through the window.”

Williams said he was able to determine that the story he was told was not true, after he created a fake account on Facebook and spoke to his previous partner, who told her that the law enforcement agent who was allegedly killed was alive and well.

He said he spoke to his daughters using that fake account, but did not tell them where he was. When asked why, he said because the woman had told him not to tell anyone his whereabouts because he would be located and executed.

But when pressed about whether he thought his daughters would give him away, Williams said one of his daughters knew where he was.

Williams told iWitness News that he does not have a history of mental health issues.

Asked if he was sure that he was not having any now, he said: “There were times when I felt like I was taking leave of my senses or going insane, but I stopped myself from going there…. This is my true self here. I am just depressed because I lost all my belongings, my business, my money, everything. I’m homeless, I’m penniless, but I am not insane,” Williams said.

He told iWitness News he will reopen his business in January, having pawned EC$27,000 worth of equipment to get EC$3,000 to buy ink.

iWitness News was unsuccessful in its attempts to reach the woman against whom Williams has made his claims.

A well-placed source, however, said that she said that Williams is weaving a tall tale because of financial challenges he is facing.

The woman is said to have secured the services of a lawyer.

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  1. Regis, hope the new year brings you much peace and a chance to turn over a new leaf and heal from past hurts. May the new year bring growth, love, and light. Wishing you the very best today and all year long.

    Fifth Form, back row…
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