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A young man on Thursday learnt that it is not a good idea to ride around Kingstown in a car with a bandana tied around his face as a partial mask — especially if you have no criminal intention.

The man was among three persons — two males and a female — in a car driving along the Lower Kingstown Pak road towards St. James Place around 10:10 a.m. when heavily armed police officers outside the Serious Offences Court spotted him and sprung into action.

Police search 1
A police officer gestures while speaking to the occupants of the vehicle. (iWN photo)

The police officers, from the Rapid Response Unit (“Black Squad”), were at the court to provide additional security as the two men who are accused of the shooting death of a baby last year made a court appearance.

The police officers, who were standing at various points outside the court, spotting the man in the car with the bandana tied around his face and signalled one of their colleagues to stop the vehicle, while the police driver quickly jumped in their own vehicle and gave chase.

Police search 2
A plain clothes police officer searches the man who had the bandana around his face. (iWN photo)

The car stopped near the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, located in the same building.

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The police officers ordered the occupants of the vehicle to exit and the man who had the bandana tied around his face was place inside the police vehicle.

Police search 4
Police officers process the occupants of the car. (iWN photo)

The police officers searched the car and checked the licence of the driver but found nothing illegal. After questioning the occupants of the vehicle, the police allowed all three of them to go, without charge.

The incident occurred one day after Commissioner of Police, Renold Hadaway, said that police confiscate any ski masks that are found in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, including from persons at ports of entry.

Police search 3
Person look on as police process the car and its occupants. (iWN photo)

He was speaking at a press conference where two ski masks along with a submachine gun and other weapons and ammunitions were found in a raid.

There is no known connection between the occupants of the car on Thursday and the weapons found one day earlier.

Police search 5
The young man who was wearing the bandana, right, sits inside a police vehicle while the car and its other occupants are processed. (iWN photo)

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