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The North Windward Carnival Development Committee will host various events from June 9 to 11 to culminate Windward carnival activities.

On Friday, June 9, the Miss Windward 2017 beauty pageant and Pan-Kai-Mas will take place at the Chilli Playing Field in Georgetown beginning at 8 p.m. This year, five beautiful and intelligent young ladies are vying for the title of Miss Windward 2017.

The contestants are, Jimesia Bowen — Miss Georgetown, Shanese Hackshaw — Miss South Rivers, Lourie John — Miss Sandy Bay, Mekesha Johnson — Miss Lowmans Windward and Arielle Ollivierre — Miss Stubbs.

The contestants will make five appearances with four categories being judged. They will appear in the introduction, swimwear, talent, eveningwear and interview segments.

In an effort to include all the components of Vincy Mas and celebrate the 40th anniversary of carnival in June-July, the committee is introducing Pan-Kai-Mas. The South East Steel Orchestra will perform several songs on pan. The Tribes Mas band and SVG Players International will display costumes from their 2017 presentations.

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The calypsonians from the Prophet Calypso tent will also be making appearances. Performances will also come from FLOW ambassadors Luta, Shaunelle, Hance and Fireman Hooper, Groundbreakers dancers, Young Tall, Twixx, Breeda and many more.

On Saturday, there will be the j’ouvert and street party followed by the event, AURA, later in the evening.

The street party is highly anticipated due to the inclusion of a t-shirt band by VIBE Promotions. The carnival activities culminate on Sunday with a Powder Fete at the Chilli Hard Court.

Organisers say they are inviting the entire country to the events and are hopes for a violence-free carnival.

Biographies – Miss Windward 2017

Arielle Ollivierre – Miss Stubbs

Arielle Ollivierre Miss Stubbs
Arielle Ollivierre – Miss Stubbs.

I am ambitious, jovial, and creative Arielle Ollivierre. Born on March 24th, 1995 to Jacqueline and Adolphus Ollivierre was the older of two siblings. I grew up in the vibrant community of Stubbs and obtained my primary education at the Stubbs Government School. In 2006, I started the St. Vincent Girls High School, where I developed a love for business studies. After obtaining my secondary education, I enrolled at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College-Division of Technical and Vocational Education and continued studies in business by focusing mainly on entrepreneurship. At present, I have an Associate Degree in entrepreneurship and small business management. My hope is to attain my Bachelor’s degree in business management and return to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to open various businesses, one of which I hope to be a plus-size clothing store.

My biggest inspiration is my grandmother who spent most of her life nurturing young minds through teaching. She also dedicated her entire life to moulding and assisting children in need and always made time to make people feel comfortable, loved and appreciated. Though she is no longer with us, I will always remember her for that.

At present my biggest goal is to assist children, especially girls to ensure that they obtain a quality education.

Jimesia Bowen – Miss Georgetown

Jimesia Bowen Miss Georgetown
Jimesia Bowen – Miss Georgetown.

Representing for the vibrant town popularly known as the sugar city, I am Jimesia Bowen, talented, independent, God fearing and every bit as sweet as the city itself. At 22yrs old, I am proud to say that I am a past student of the prestigious St. Vincent Girls High School and the St. Vincent Community College. I am currently a manager at Origin’s Talent Agency.

I have a very active social life. I often take part in carnival activities as it is my favourite time of year, but just as much, I enjoy sitting down with a good book to read. There is one quote that I strive to live by: “I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.” — Maya Angelou. I believe each of us should take this into consideration because none of us are defined by our past or what is affecting us at the moment, it is getting up, dusting off and moving forward that defines who we are.

Lourie John – Miss Sandy Bay

Lourie John Miss Sandy Bay
Lourie John – Miss Sandy Bay.

Born on the 26th of November 1998, I am the embodiment of what miracles and struggle are made of. I was born a premature at six months weighing only two pounds and eleven ounces. My first touch and place of being was the walls of an incubator instead of the arms and embrace of my mother. This has however worked as more of an advantage rather than a disadvantage throughout my life it has made me a positive, charismatic, strong individual with skyrocket self-esteem. I attended the Kingstown Anglican Primary School, the Dr.Jp Eustace Secondary School and I am currently a student at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. In 2014, I won the Dr.JP Eustace Secondary School`s Heritage pageant. I entered the Miss P’Tani pageant in 2016 where I placed first runner up. In addition, I participated in the Miss Easterval 2017 and placed 1st runner up.

My motto is “Never a Failure Always a Lesson” because I see life as one big school, where you learn things as u ascend. Growing up my mother always taught me that there is no such thing as cant and to utter the thought of failure is a state of mind rather than reality. My biggest inspiration and role model is my mother Mindy John, as she has made me into the young lady I am today by not only lecturing but by setting an example.

In the future I plan on going to teachers college and becoming a teacher because teachers are nation builders in society as they feed the minds of the nation and help to build leaders in society.

Shanese Hackshaw – Miss South Rivers

Shanese Hackshaw Miss South Rivers
Shanese Hackshaw – Miss South Rivers.

On Feb. 2, 1998 Shanese Hackshaw, the second of four children, was born to Hesla Dublin. She was born and raised in the community of South Rivers.

Shanese attended the South Rivers Methodist School, followed by the George Stephens Secondary School where she graduated in 2016. She considers herself to be determined, ambitious and a confident person. Shanese enjoys dancing, interacting with people and spending quality time with family and friends. Shanese aspires to be a teacher. Her motto in life is simply being the best one can be and always reaching for the stars.

Mekesha Johnson – Miss Lowmans WD

Mekesha Johnson Miss Lowmans Wd
Mekesha Johnson – Miss Lowmans Windward.

Mekesha Johnson was born on March 17, 1996 to Mr. Haron Johnson and Miss Othneil Pope of Lowmans Windward at the Kingstown General Hospital. She attended the Lowmans Windward Anglican School where she completed her primary education. She attended the North Union Secondary School where she successfully graduated in 2014. In her spare time, Mekesha loves dancing and singing. A lover of pageants, she first entered the Miss Greggs Easterval and then the Miss Bikini Pageant in 2015. Mekesha desires to further her studies in nursing and has the ambition of becoming one of St. Vincent’s leading nurses.