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Fancy School bus crash
The bus after the collision on Tuesday.

A student has been injured in a school bus crash for the second time in as many years — including the accident that killed seven students in 2015.

Onique Michael, 14, of Fancy, was treated at the Georgetown Hospital and discharged on Tuesday after she was injured when the school bus that transports students from her North Windward community was involved in a head-on collision in Orange Hill.

Michael’s mother, Latoya Michael, told iWitness News on Wednesday that her daughter hurt the leg she initially injured on Jan. 12, 2015 when she survived the minibus crash at Rock Gutter, which claimed the lives of seven students.

Tuesday’s crash involved the government-owned school bus bought to replace the privately owned minivan destroyed in the Rock Gutter accident and a vehicle belonging to the state-owned Central Water and Sewerage Authority.

Michael told iWitness News that her daughter was sitting to the front of the bus when the accident occurred.

Another of her daughters, Lazoya Michael, 12, was also on the bus.

She said that Onique cried continuously on Tuesday night but did not say why. The mother said she did not have a chance to talk with her distraught daughter about the incident.

“All I know I want to thank God for sparing her life again,” the mother told iWitness News.

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One reply on “Student injured in Rock Gutter crash hurt again in Fancy school bus collision”

  1. Mom should get some help in counselling little Onique and her sister.
    I am sure the trauma of Rock Gutter was horribly resurrected in her mind. The night tears symbolize that. Check out Government Welfare and/or Social Services for some help! There must be someone, somewhere in SVG who would read this account and offer to help this child!

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