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Roy Richards

National footballer Roy “Chicken” Richards was killed on July 8, 2017. (Internet photo)

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A national footballer is among three persons shot and killed in two incidents in St. Vincent Saturday night.

The footballer is Roy “Chicken” Richards, a midfielder with the national squad.

He was one of two persons who died after being shot in the Central Leeward town of Barrouallie, sometime around 9 p.m.

Richards died in hospital in Kingstown, the nation’s capital, where he was taken after the shooting.

Also shot and killed in that incident was Daniel “Bogan” Hepburn, an elderly shopkeeper, who is said to have succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

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That shooting took place about two hours after one man died and another was injured in a shooting incident in Green Hill, a community just outside Kingstown.

The dead man has been identified as Kemmie Haynes.

Darren Williams was injured in that incident and was rushed to hospital in Kingstown, but iWitness News was unable to ascertain his condition at the time of publication.

Police are yet to comment on the latest killings, and it is not clear if they are linked.

The shootings took place on the second day of a four-day weekend that culminates celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Vincy Mas as a summer festival.

The shootings occurred as thousands of persons converged in Kingstown for the soca monarch show, the most widely-patronised on the Vincy Mas calendar.

Saturday night’s killings bring the nation’s homicide count for this year to 16.

The shootings come three weeks after Kemuel Peters of Green Hill died after being shot in Kingstown on June 16.

11 replies on “National footballer among 3 shot and killed in St. Vincent”

  1. What’s really going on in St Vincent with all these shooting ?can somebody tell me please what is the motive

  2. Daniel Hepburn is my great-cousin/uncle. Our family is very upset about the fact that his shop was held up multiple times previously to the point we were starting to suspect someone specifically ourselves. There is also the fact that he was shot multiple times which makes me really think he knew who the person was and they tried to silence the whole shop. R.I.P. Uncle Danny.

  3. Delphine Myers says:

    sVG has become such a violent place that I among others who are scared to visit. I grew up poor there, but we didn’t rob and kill to get materials things. Everyone blaming government but we need to go back to families and how we teach our children. They say no jobs but the criminals Don’t want to work. They want things given to them without working for it.. The youth are just partying and drinking and the media is killing them with political propaganda. I think the ones fortunate to have jobs are the ones feeding the others with political bull. Rise up youths and regain your integrity it’s the only way to move forward. Give up the guns and make Vincy land the gem of the Antilles again.

  4. Gun violence in SVG is totally out of control. However, it pains me when people who call themselves Vincentians living oversees talk about being scared to come home as if crime is non-existent where they live. Maybe they live in Heaven.

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