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The scene in Glenside, where the officer is believed to have died. (iWN photo)
The scene in Glenside, where the officer is believed to have died. (iWN photo)
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Police officers are investigating the death of one of their colleagues in a red sport utility vehicle, P9504, in Glenside, Mesopotamia sometime Wednesday night.

The identity of the officer has not been disclosed but iWitness News understands that the officer had a heart condition.

Reports are that the officer drank nine beers Wednesday night in a challenge.

He was reportedly sitting in the jeep with a close friend until sometimes close to dawn.

Cop dead 2
The officer is said to have had a heart condition.

However, when the friend, said to be a female, attempted to wake the police officer, he was reportedly unresponsive and she then raised the alarm.

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The officer and the other occupant were in a vehicle parked on a vacant lot of land, where other residents of the village usually park.

Police have cordoned off the area and have begun initial investigations.

4 replies on “Police officer found dead in vehicle in Mespo”

  1. That area is very close to my house. My condolences to the family. That park was once a home to many sporting events including soccer and inter village soft and hardball cricket. For years now the government has used it as a dumpsite now people park derelict vehicles and their function vehicles there. It is a shame the abuse and neglect that place
    has suffered.

  2. A lot of these cops need to go on a diet, big time. Dozens should be put on unpaid leave until they are fit to resume their duties by passing a comprehensive physical examination and demanding fitness test. The entire force is a disgrace.

    1. While I may understand your views on unfit personnel and it’s most definitely the case for the cause of overweight
      . Let me tell you that even the fittest of people can suffer heart problems. So please don’t be so harsh on your police officers

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