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Ricardo "Shrek" McFee. (iWN file photo)
Ricardo “Shrek” McFee. (iWN file photo)

A Largo Height man and his son appeared before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown on Monday, charged with separate offences.

Basil McFee, 60, pleaded guilty and was reprimanded and discharged for possession of 42 grammes of marijuana.

His son, Ricardo “Shrek” McFee, might be in for a long engagement with the court as he was charged with attempted murder and two firearm charges.

The McFees were arrested at the Grenadine Wharf in Kingstown as police were on the lookout for Ricardo in connection with the Oct. 14 shooting of Paul’s Avenue resident Jawansa “Sanga” Fraser in Paul’s Avenue.

Ricardo, Colin “Cocoa” David of Glen, and Jomarno “Small Man” Tash, of Rockies, have been charged with attempted murder in connection with that shooting.

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The older McFee had initially pleaded not guilty when Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias put the charge to him.

He was granted EC$500 bail and the matter was adjourned to Jan. 29, 2018.

But his lawyer, Grant Connell, later asked the court to put the charge to his client again.

Basil McFee
Basil McFee was reprimanded and discharged on a marijuana possession charge. (iWN photo)

He pleaded guilty and was reprimanded and discharged at the suggestion of his lawyer and Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche.

In mitigation, Connell told the court that Mr. McFee does not smoke marijuana but was taking it for his son.

The lawyer said that this client, who he noted had not had previous convictions, was extremely remorseful.

The lawyer said that given the climate, the son getting the “small smoke” for himself could have been a risk factor for him.

Ricardo, who was denied bail, told the court that he was the target of the mass shooting in Diamond that resulted in the death of one person and injury of another on Oct. 14.

He returns to court on Nov. 3 for bail review.

On Tuesday, Alaski “Beaver” Samuel, 31, of Redemption Sharpes, and Murray’s Village resident Obandelle Neverson, appeared in court charged with the murder of Gregory “Woody” Abraham, aka “Pecker” and the attempted murder of eight persons, including McFee, in connection with the shooting in Diamond.

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  1. Big old guy like Basil McFee say the drugs he had it was for his son what ah shame before he try to correct his son from doing wrong .As the old saying goes the devil cannot correct sin.

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